Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad is a life-changing experience that will have an indelible impact on your future. Lamar University both encourages and supports students who wish to participate.

There are a number of benefits to study abroad. For instance, research shows study abroad students are more likely to graduate on-time - with higher GPAs - than their peers who don't study abroad. Study abroad students engage with their academic pursuits in ways that are not possible in the traditional classroom setting, thus coming away from the experience with fresh knowledge and new perspectives on their studies, the world, and themselves. Other benefits of study abroad include:
  • Personal growth and maturity
  • Increasing prospective job opportunities
  • Shaping future career development
  • Facing and solving challenging problems
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Developing a personally informed view of the world
  • Better understanding of one's own cultural values and respect for diversity

Now, you are probably wondering about what you can do to find out more information about study abroad opportunities or how to actually go about applying.

  1. Why do you want to study abroad? Whether it's because you've always dreamed of visiting Rome and Venice or eating kimchi in South Korea, you should have an idea of what or where you would like to study.
  2. Gather Information: Visit the Office of Study Abroad or stop by a Study Abroad Fair (held once each in the Spring and Fall).
  3. Apply: Once you've decided what program you want to go on, fill out an application.
  4. Prepare: Start researching your host country, apply for a passport, and attend the pre-departure orientation.