The Student Health Center operates a Class D (clinic) pharmacy, offering low-cost medication and supplies to LU and LIT students. Many medications ordered by our practitioners are available within the clinic pharmacy. We carry antibiotics, eye creams and drops, anti-fungal medications, non-narcotic pain relievers, and a few oral contraceptives.

Cost of Medications

Most medications range in price from $5.00 to $20.00. Although most illnesses are treated with these inexpensive medications, it is occasionally necessary to write a prescription to be filled at a retail pharmacy.

The Health Center charges are at or near cost, and charges are billed to the student's account. Our patients always have the option of obtaining a written prescription that can be filled at any Texas pharmacy.

Over the Counter Medications

The Health Center carries numerous OTC (over the counter) items ready for purchase by LU and LIT students. Our stock includes basic cold and allergy medicines, contact lens care, and personal and feminine hygiene items. These charges are billed to the student's account.

Outside Prescriptions

Outside prescriptions may be filled in our pharmacy after a brief consultation office visit and to determine if we carry a comparable medication.


Call in your refill requests at 409-880-8466. Please allow two days for your refill to be available. The medication will be waiting for you at the front desk. Please have your student ID number ready when you call and verity your contact number in the event the nurse needs to speak with you regarding your request.

Payment for Services

No payment is required at the time of service, as all charges are billed to your student account and are payable at any time during the semester at the Cashier's Window or online.

The Pharmacy at the Student Health Center is NOT able to file on any insurance for medications. Therefore, the cost of prescriptions and/or over the counter items will be charged to your student account. If you have a medication plan with your health insurance, a written prescription can be obtained for filling at an outside pharmacy.