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Updated 8/5/2016 bd

Lamar University requires Tuberculosis (TB) testing for all Non-US Citizen/Non-Permanent Residents, Texas Intensive English Program students, and any student, faculty, or staff meeting high risk criteria.

High-Risk Criteria

Any person - student, faculty, or staff - traveling to a country designated as a “high TB burden incidence area” by the World Health Organization, Global Tuberculosis Report 2015, 20th edition; upon returning to campus, should immediately contact the LU Student Health Center for TB testing. All subsequent testing guidelines shall apply. All charges incurred will be applied to the appropriate cashier accounts.


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for enrollment. Students are not eligible to register for classes unless they have provided evidence of having had one of the following no greater than 6 months prior to their arrival to the University:

  • Negative TB skin test
  • Negative TB blood test
  • ​Positive TB skin test with a negative TB blood test
  • Acceptable TB blood tests (interferon-gamma release assays or IGRA’s) include: QuantiFeron®-TB Gold in-Tube Test (QRF-GIT) or T-SPOT®. TB TEST (T-Spot). It is not required that the testing be done in the United States.
  • Sputum or negative x-rays are not acceptable.

Documentation must be submitted through the Student Health Center Patient Portal. If you do not meet one of these criteria, please contact the Student Health Center at 409-880-8466 for an appointment.


All documentation for testing done outside the Student Health Center must meet the following criteria:

  • Date the TB skin test was administered or TB blood test was drawn.
  • Date the TB skin test was read or date the TB blood test was resulted.
  • Results reported in millimeters and/or “negative” or “positive” for TB skin testing.
  • Results reported as “negative” or “positive” for TB blood testing.
  • Documentation must be in English.
  • Documentation signed by a qualified health care provider licensed to read TB skin tests and/or TB blood test.
  • Name of the medical facility where testing was done.

If any of the above information is missing from the documentation, the student will not be eligible for enrollment until all deficiencies are corrected and turned in to the Student Health Center. All documentation will be turned in to the Student Health Center Patient Portal. Instructions for registering for the portal are available here.

On-Campus Testing

TB skin testing is available at the Lamar University Student Health Center. The LU Student Health Center is located at 857 East Virginia, 409-880-8466. The Student Health Center will provide a list of alternative medical sites which also provide TB skin testing should students prefer to be tested elsewhere.


  • Two appointments are required for TB testing.
  • The first appointment is to give the test.
  • The second is to read the test 48-72 hours later.
  • Students with a positive skin test will be given the blood test, which may take up to a week to result, further delaying the student’s registration/attendance in class.


Unless the student has university health insurance, payments for TB testing must be made in advance at the LU Cashier's Window. Student must present their receipt to the Student Health Center.

Positive Test

All students with a positive TB skin test and/or TB blood test will be referred to the Beaumont City Health Department.

  • Subsequent testing is required if the initial skin/blood test is positive in order to rule out Latent TB.
  • All charges incurred at the Beaumont City Health Department or any other outside medical facility will be the responsibility of the student, faculty, or staff.
  • Failure to complete this step will result in the student being withdrawn from class.