This page addresses common questions regarding the bacterial meningitis vaccination and LU's tuberculosis (TB) testing policy. Remember to stop by the Student Health Center and make an appointment for your TB test each time you return from travel out of the US to a country on the WHO list. Check the World Health Organization website for the latest news regarding tuberculosis.

Bacterial Meningitis Immunization

The latest information regarding the bacterial meningitis vaccine is available on the Lamar University Be A Cardinal website. The Student Health Center has the vaccine in stock and will administer the shot to students who have been accepted, but still have a vaccine hold on their student accounts. The cost of our vaccine is $155.00, paid in advance. Please call 409-880-8466 to make an appointment.

The cost of the shot needs to be prepaid at the Cashier's Window in the Wimberly Student Services Building. Make an appointment first, then go to the Cashier's Window, pay, and bring your receipt to the Student Health Center at the appointment time. You will be given the shot and your proof of immunization at your appointment. Please note that the nurse will need you to stay at least twenty minutes after your shot to be sure there is no reaction.

Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV-4) covers 4 strains of meningitis (A, C, Y, W) and meets the state requirements for admission into as institution of higher education. Although highly recommended, the Meningitis-B vaccine does not meet the state recommendations, nor is it required for admission.

Bring a copy of your vaccination documentation to the Records Office in Wimberly Building Room 102. Alternatively, you can fax the information to 409-880-7769 or email it to Call 409-880-7529 for more information.

There are many sources for the meningitis shot. Health departments, pharmacies, and clinics all are good options to consider when getting your bacterial meningitis vaccine.

Tuberculosis Testing Information

The most current Lamar University policy regarding Tuberculosis testing is here.

Call for your appointment at the Student Health Center, 409-880-8466. Visit TB Resources to find other clinics doing the TB test.

The TB test is a two-part process. The first visit involves the injection, and the second visit is to check for a reaction to the injection. You will be given your documentation at the second visit. The Student Health Center administers the test as follows:

Injection Date : Result Date
Monday : Wednesday
Tuesday : Thursday
Wednesday : Friday
Friday : Monday