Programs for Students

The following services and programs are among the presentations and training sessions that address alcohol and other drug use:

Think About It: A web-based alcohol education program required of all incoming undergraduate students before matriculation. Think About It is also used for sanctions and is available for students who have experienced a conduct issue related to alcohol.

Healthy Cards Peer Educator Program: Lamar University Peer Education was founded on the belief that students can be highly effective in educating their peers and in influencing their attitudes and beliefs, especially concerning health related issues. Peer Educators will develop and present educational programs to the campus community on a variety of topics such as alcohol awareness, substance abuse and other relevant topics for Lamar University students.

Mocktails: Utilized as a way to engage students about alcohol related health issues including alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. Students can see that alcohol is not a necessity by pairing mocktails with a fun and sober event offered by the university.

Cardinal Cabana: As part of Safe Spring Break event students are engaged with messages concerning staying safe during spring break and drinking alcohol responsibly. They are also shown what the consequences could be if they drink and drive through interactive activities.

Alcohol Bingo: Students are engaged in a BINGO game where every number contains a fact concerning alcohol, alcohol abuse, alcohol poisoning, and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. 

TIPS Training: The TIPS program recognizes that students are in the best position to address drinking behaviors among their peers. The TIPS for the University program helps students develop their social skills and provides specific information that allows them to determine when friends are getting into trouble with alcohol. Students develop strategies and skills for intervening in alcohol- related situations that may occur on or off campus.

The Lamar University Student Health Center Health Education website provides students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors with a hub for information, policies, programs, and services related to alcohol and other drugs. In addition, the Student Health Center counseling website includes information on drug rehab center locator as well as other valuable mental health links. 

The Lamar University Resources for Alcohol and Other Drugs website serves as a resource to provide Lamar University students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members with information, policies, programs, and services on alcohol and other drugs. It represents the work of numerous campus partners who share the goal of supporting students in making responsible decisions about alcohol and other drugs to keep the Lamar University community safer and healthier. 

For students who have experienced sexual violence, whether or not alcohol or drug use was involved, the Lamar University Student Health Center provides information about resources and options, including counseling, healthcare, reporting and more. Training and educational workshops on preventing and responding to sexual violence and on sexuality and healthy relationships are also provided.