Resources for Faculty and Staff

Numerous studies of U.S. college students demonstrate that substance misuse and abuse negatively affects students' academic performance, engagement with faculty, overall health, and the quality of campus and community life. For statistics related to high-risk drinking and other drug use by college students, visit the following websites:

Lamar has established a Critical Assessment Response and Evaluation Team to coordinate the support services and resources of Lamar University to assist students who have reportedly displayed violent, threatening or dangerous behaviors on campus.

Identifying Signs of Possible Problems

People in distress may not be disruptive to others, but may exhibit behaviors which indicate something is problematic. They may also be reluctant or unable to acknowledge a need for personal help. Listed below are some signs to be aware of. Behaviors may include:

  • Marked changes in academic/work performance
  • Tardiness and excessive absences inconsistent with prior history
  • Withdrawal and/or avoidance from participation.
  • Increased anxiety around exams or deadlines, difficulty working in teams.
  • Changes in emotional states, e.g., sadness, crying, lethargy, irritability, rapid speech, preoccupation, increased and more intense disagreement with peers and instructor, sense of confusion.
  • Changes in physical well-being, e.g., swollen eyes from crying, increased illnesses, poor self-hygiene, rapid weight gain/loss, sleeping in class.
  • Repeated requests for special consideration such as deadline extensions, changes in requirements, grade changes.
  • Behaviors which may interfere with effective management of the learning environment, such as outbursts of anger, domination of discussion, derailing the focus of discourse.
  • Communication in either oral, written, electronic formats that may suggest a threat to one’s self of others.

If it is suspected a student may have a substance abuse issue submit your concern to the Critical Assessment Response and Evaluation Team for investigation.