Posting Policies


All printed materials (flyers, posters, handbills, yard signs, promotional items, etc.) must be approved and stamped prior to posting or distribution on campus. Approval may be obtained in the Setzer Student Center Office, Suite 270, during regular business hours. To be approved, all materials must be clear and legible, bear the full name of the sponsoring entity, and contact information, and event information.

Materials must not give the impression an event was sponsored by the University if that is not the case. Additionally, commercial advertising is not permitted.

If a language other than English is used on the material, a translation must be included on the material. Materials may not glorify, edify, promote, or support the use or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs; display trademarks and or brand names of alcohol or illegal drug products; contain material that is obscene or slanderous; and/or be directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action.

Groups are responsible for immediate clean up and/or removal of their materials if they have reached the end of the valid posting timeframe or within 24 hours of completion of the advertised event.

Note: Items not removed by the group or are in violation of these policies will be removed by the University, which is not responsible for the condition of posted materials nor will return materials that are removed.

Posting Locations

Materials may be posted by thumbtack, not tape nor staples, on bulletin boards throughout campus. Materials are not permitted on any other surface. Each event may have one posting, at a maximum of 11"x17", per bulletin board.

Special attention should be given to ensuring a bulletin board is not designated for specific groups or use. These boards are maintained and monitored by other university departments do not fall under these posting regulations. Additional authorization to post materials on these boards may need to be obtained through the appropriate university department.

Restricted Locations: There are no bulletin boards in the Setzer Student Center or Archer Chemistry Building. No flyers, posters, or other printed materials may be posted or distributed in these buildings.

Direct Distribution Items

Any printed material or promotional item distributed directly to a person, like handbills or brochures, is considered. These items may only be presented in person to other individuals from a table at a tabling location with a valid reservation. Direct distribution items cannot be posted on vehicles, building doors or windows, placed outdoors on any surface, or be left inside any University facility.

Free Standing Items

The placement of free-standing signs, such as a-frames, yard signs, etc., on campus is limited to the promotion of events or activities for up to 7 days prior to their occurrence and must be removed within 24 hours upon completion of the event. A combined total of 10 yard signs, no larger than 24”x18”, and/or a-frames may be placed on campus at any one time for a single event/activity.

Free standing items must be placed in such a way that they do not prohibit access to any walkway or doorway. Additionally, they may not be placed within the grounds of the campus Quadrangle. Chalk, paint, and similar materials may not be used on sidewalks, walkways, walls, or other structures.

Greek Letters: Greek letters may only be placed in the Dining Hall Lawn.