Fee Definitions

Organization/Program Fees

Student Organizations: Generally, use of facilities is free to registered student organizations, as defined by the Student Organization Handbook. However, applicable auxiliary charges or service fees may be applied.

University Departments: Any Lamar University office, department, or college is welcome to use the SSC, SURC, and/or Outdoor Spaces, but may be charged appropriate fees. Requests must be approved by the appropriate Chair/Director/Dean.

Fundraising Programs: If a University Department charges an admission, registration, any other fee, including receiving a donation from either the sponsoring organization or guests, the University Department Fundraiser Fee may apply.

Sponsored Programs: Officially registered student organizations or University departments entering joint sponsorship with individuals, groups, or external organizations that are not officially registered with the University may use the SSC, SURC, and/or Outdoor Spaces, but are subject to these policies.
Sponsored Programs are permitted with an external organization if the university department or student organization is responsible for communication of event plans, production day of the event, and all charges related. A member of the University Department or Student Organization must be present during the duration of event.

Non-Profit, For-Profit, and other Non-University Organizations: Any organization or group that is not a Registered Student Organization or University Department will be considered a Non-University Organization. Requests for space by groups not affiliated with the University may require additional time for a decision. An immediate response a request may not be the rule, as scheduling must be compatible with the University Master Calendar and availability of space. All non-University groups will be responsible for paying all related fees and permitting cost up front in accordance with current policy and fee schedule. All non-university groups are subject to the policies of this document, Lamar University, and the Texas State University System. Any employer desiring to interview students for employment/internships should contact the Center for Career & Professional Development to request space for employer activities.

Charges/Service Fees

Police/Safety Personnel: Police/Safety personnel services will be arranged with Lamar University Police through the Event Services Office. Personnel will be scheduled thirty minutes before and after the event times and for a minimum of two hours.

Extended Operating Hours: Events that begin or conclude beyond the normal operational hours will be subject to additional fees.

Late Cancellation/No-Show: Failure to use or to cancel a reserved space less than 72 hours prior to the event start time, may result in an assessed fee.

Facility Damages: Costs of repairs or replacement of damaged facilities, equipment, or excessive cleaning will be billed to the organization. Failure of a group to exercise proper care of facilities may result in cancellation of that group’s future reservations.

AV & Other Equipment: Events that require chairs, tables, and/or portable projection systems (which includes a projector, screen, and optional laptop with remote) are subject to charges as outlined in the Fee Schedule.

Change of Setup: Events that require a setup different than the existing standard/preset setup or that require a change of setup during the event may be charged.

Custodial Personnel: Depending on the nature of the event, custodial personnel may be applied for the duration or post-event for cleaning services.

Technical/Event Support: Some events may require technical or event support staff to be successful. This service will be arranged through Event Services, scheduled 90 minutes before and 30 minutes after the event times, for a minimum of two hours.

Linens: A fee will be charged for the use of linens at events.

Fee Frequency: Applicable fees will be charged per reservation, regardless of occurrences.

Miscellaneous/Unlisted Fees: In cases not clearly defined, or for the rental of other facilities not listed in the Fee Schedule, the Executive Director of the Setzer Student Center & Recreational Sports will determine the appropriate fee.