Safety and Personnel

Emergencies and Safety

In the event of an emergency, the procedures outlined in Risk Management’s Emergency Procedures document shall be followed.

Access to fire suppression equipment, means of egress, emergency signage or lighting, and heating and air conditioning vents shall not be covered or obstructed at any time.

Groups are not permitted to run electrical, sound, video, or other cables through doorways or walking paths. All cables must be covered to prevent persons from tripping over them and to prevent damage to the cables.


Lamar University Police will assign Police/Safety personnel based on critical risk factors, listed below, at a ratio of 1 personnel per 100 attendees, although Lamar University Police will determine final decision of assignment. Personnel will be scheduled thirty minutes before and after the event times and at a minimum of 2 hours. This service will be arranged with Lamar University Police through the Event Services Office.

Critical Risk Factors

Events being planned where the group anticipates collecting over $100 in cash will be required to have a minimum of 1 Lamar University Police Officer. Additionally, any event with an estimated attendance of 100 or more, and meets at least one of the following risk factors will be reviewed:

  • There will be an off-campus guest speaker
  • There will be a DJ
  • Event is a dance or concert
  • Event is open to the public
  • Event location is outside

Technical/Event Support

The use of some University audio-visual equipment will require on-site technical staff to operate. Additionally, a group may request event support staff to be available and present during the duration of their event. These services will be arranged through Event Services and may include a fee.