Special Event Types

Donation Drives

Registered Student Organizations interested in a donation or collection drive may request to do so and space may be reserved for no more than 14 days. The group is responsible for maintaining, collection and removal of items in the bin daily or anytime the bin is full.


Solicitation or distribution of any materials, goods or services may only be done from a table at a designated tabling location, within the confines of the confirmed space, or other approval from Event Services. Commercial solicitation by any group is prohibited.

Guest Speakers (Non-University)

No invitation by a registered student organization will be issued to a non-university guest speaker without prior approval from the Executive Director of Setzer Student Center & Recreational Services, or designee. All policies and procedures outlined in the Texas State University System, Lamar University’s Speech and Assembly policy, and the Student Organization Handbook must be followed by the group and the speaker.

Painting Events

Painting events may only be conducted in the SSC Food Court or in an outdoor lawn area. All paint used must be water soluble, tables must be covered with plastic tablecloths provided by the group. Brushes and other materials cannot be washed or cleaned in any restroom sink. A dedicated cleaning location will be made available to the group at the conclusion of the event.


Tabling locations are available for groups to use for solicitation, advertisement for reservations, or recruitment for the group. When reserved by a group, the location will be setup with one table and three chairs.

Frequency: Groups are limited to no more than four hours per day and their space will be available fifteen minutes prior to the event start time listed on the Confirmation.

Sound: No personal speakers or amplifiers will be permitted. Groups, however, may use a Bluetooth speaker, available for check-out through the Setzer Student Center. Sound levels shall be determined and monitored by Event Services.

Indoor Locations: At an indoor tabling location only one group may sell food and/or beverages at a time.