Policy Exceptions and Violations


Indirect sponsorship of events is not permitted, this means that on-campus groups cannot schedule a space for an external organization’s sole use. However, Sponsored Programs are permitted with an external organization if the university department or student organization is responsible for communication of event plans, production day of the event, and all charges related. A member of the University Department of Student Organization must be present for the duration of the event. Groups found in violation will have fees adjusted to the appropriate rate.


The Associate Vice President & Dean of Students reserves the right to make exemptions to any of these policies as deemed appropriate and in-line with the mission of the SSC, SURC, the Division and/or the University.


Violation of any of these policies or University policies may result in a Violation Fee per violation and/or a probation of up to nine months. Additionally, Event Services reserves the right to terminate any reservation at any time due to violation of policies. If this is done, any estimated fees will still be charged.


Any appeals of policies or violations must be submitted to Event Services via email. The Associate Vice President & Dean of Students will review the appeal and their decision will be final.