Space and Usage

Space Usage

Use of the SSC, SURC, and/or any Outdoor Spaces must be reserved through Event Services.

Reservations are valid for only the spaces and times indicated on the emailed Confirmation. Groups may not overflow into nearby spaces, lounges, or walkways.

Spaces in the SSC and SURC cannot be reserved for ongoing regularly scheduled academic classes, study sessions, rehearsals, practices, private lessons, for purposes of commercial solicitation or individual use.

Furniture, plants, or fixtures in any University building may not be rearranged or moved without prior consent from Event Services.

Space Assignments

A request for space does not guarantee that a space is assigned, spaces will be assigned based on the needs outlined in the request and availability, nothing is considered confirmed until Event Services sends an email confirmation.

Event Services reserves the right to reassign spaces to serve the greatest number of programs and services. The Event Services office will provide notification of changes to reservations promptly.

Event Services reserves the right to reject any reservation that may pose a risk management concern or conflict with any Lamar University policies and/or with Texas State University System (TSUS) policies.


Consecutive Reservations: Groups are allowed one consecutive reservation, day after day, per semester for a maximum of four days.

Repetitive Weekly Reservations: Groups are allowed two repetitive weekly reservations, such as an executive and general meeting.

Live Oak Ballroom, SSC Atrium, and SURC Main Gym: Groups are permitted a maximum of two reservations per semester.

Event Times

An event start time may not be prior to 8:00 AM, unless approved by the Assistant Director of Scheduling, Operations, & Event Services.

Events must conclude prior to Midnight Sunday through Thursday and prior to 2:00 AM Friday and Saturday, unless otherwise approved by the Assistant Director of Scheduling, Operations, & Event Services.

Activities at events must conclude, unless otherwise arranged, at least thirty minutes prior to the agreed facility closing time to allow participants time to vacate and the group to remove their items from the space.

Outdoor Spaces: Groups that wish to hold events in Outdoor Spaces and are outside of the Setzer Student Center’s posted operating hours may do so at no charge if they require no support. Those events which require support, will be subject to the hourly Technical/Event Support fee.

Cardinal Park: Cardinal Park is restricted to use during daylight hours, sunrise to sunset.

SSC Atrium: The Atrium may not be reserved from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday or 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Fridays.

SURC Back Patio: The SURC Back Patio may be reserved outside of the SURC operating hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 11:00 pm and Sundays until 9:00 PM.

SURC Pro Shop: The SURC Pro Shop may only be reserved by Student Organizations and only for a maximum of four days, once per semester.

Prohibited Activities

No activities in violation of Federal, State or Local Laws, ordinances, or rules or regulations of Lamar University and the TSUS shall be permitted. It is the responsibility of the group to enforce this requirement.

Each group agrees not to bring any material, substance, equipment, or object which is likely to cause damage to the facility, endanger the life of or to cause bodily injury to, any person in the facility or which is likely to constitute a hazard.

Groups shall not engage in activities considered harassing, boisterous, a major disruption, or continuing after receiving complaints. Major disruptions can be defined as any disruption to “normal” campus life.

Physical/verbal altercations, injuries, destruction of property, threats to public safety or other personnel, etc. shall result in immediate termination of an event.