Equipment, Sound and Lighting


Except for the area in use, where the houselights can be dimmed for the event, all remaining areas of the building are to stay fully illuminated during regular operating hours. All lighting shall be controlled by Event Services and may not be altered by the group. If strobe or similar lighting is being used during an event, signage must be posted at the entrance doors warning participants about the lighting effects.


Only designated University Personnel is permitted to operate University audio equipment and shall determine acceptable sound limits to be maintained throughout the event.

High Decibel Sound: Sound amplified about 80 dB shall be considered high decibel and is prohibited within 100 feet of any residence hall or 100 feet of any academic building during academic class times. Additionally, high decibel sound will only be allowed between Noon and 9:00 pm, unless otherwise approved by the Assistant Director of Scheduling, Operations, & Event Services.

External Vendor Equipment

Groups are solely responsible for arranging all production needs not met by the University. Event Services must receive in writing any additional production equipment procured by the group at least 14 days prior to the event. This is to ensure that any special accommodation for this equipment can be met.

Disk Jockey’s and Bands: DJ's, bands, and other vendors must provide all their own equipment. Event Services will not provide any equipment other than tables, chairs, and power connection cables. Failure of a DJ, band or other vendors to provide their own equipment will prohibit the vendor from conducting business with the University for 18 months, in addition to a policy violation for the group.