Food and Beverage

Non-Catered Reservations

Only registered student organizations and university departments may provide their own food for exclusive use during their reservations; and must comply with the University’s Temporary Food Dealer’s policies and procedures. All other groups must utilize Cardinal Catering. Refreshments may be provided for no more than the maximum occupancy of the space.

All food sales are limited to registered student organizations. Only the items approved by the advisor(s), Risk Management and Event Services may be sold or distributed.

At the conclusion of a reservation, groups are responsible for disposing of any remaining food or food items in appropriate trash receptacles.

Approved Items: Only food and beverages that do not require temperature control are permitted. These foods can include candy, cookies, cake, chips, brownies, etc. Prepackaged food that requires temperature control is permitted, so long as the food is discarded four hours from the time of purchase. Such food can include pizza, vegetable, or sandwich tray, etc.

Prohibited Items: Non-prepackaged food items that require continuous temperature control to preserve food quality and safety are prohibited. These foods can include “pot-luck” type items, milk products, meat, etc.

Cooking/heating Devices: Use of hot plates, crock pots, other electric cooking and/or heating devices, deep fryers, open flame burners, canned heat, chafing fuels, or similar methods or products is always prohibited.

Grill Events: Non-Prepackaged food items to be prepared on-site, must be done outside and items are limited to those that can be cooked on a grill. Grills may only be used at Cardinal Park, the Dining Hall Lawn, the Veteran’s Patio, SURC Back Patio, SURC Front Lawn or near the SSC Food Court Patio.

Catered Reservations

Chartwells' Cardinal Catering shall be considered the preferred catering service provider, with exclusive rights to the SSC and SURC. Any exemption to this must be approved by the Vice President of Student Engagement. If an exemption is made and the catering order is over $250, groups are required to obtain a quote from Cardinal Catering and two other vendors. If Cardinal Catering is less expensive, the food must be purchased from them. Should a group desire to use a vendor that is not the lowest bid, approval must come from the Vice President for Finance and Operations or designee. Any vendor providing services on-site must provide a Health Operating License and Liability Insurance Binder and meet all standards of the University’s Temporary Food Dealer’s policies and procedures.

Restricted Locations

Live Oak Ballroom: Food from sources other than Cardinal Catering is prohibited, unless otherwise approved by the Vice President of Student Engagement.

SSC Food Court: Food at events in the Food Court is prohibited during Food Court operating hours, unless provided by Cardinal Catering.