Before You Begin

The SSC Event Services Office is ready to help all LU Registered Student Organizations and campus departments plan their next event in the Setzer Student Center.

A new tiered reservation system has been developed to effectively plan events in the SSC and on the LU campus. Each Tier has a different Reservation Window, so read this list carefully to determine when your group should submit their reservation.

Tier I: Major University Events

Complex, annual events that impact the entire university and require coordination with the overall university calendar and extensive advanced planning. Tier I events include New Student Orientation, Week of Welcome, Commencement, Career Fairs, Homecoming, Student Government Association meetings and elections, Cardinal View recruitment activities, other events approved by the Director of the Setzer Student Center, and campus-wide events sponsored by Cardinal Activities Board.

Reservation Window Opens: One calendar year before the day of the event.

Tier II: Major Student Organization Events

Major events coordinated by a Registered Student Organization (RSO) that require substantial advance planning or impact a large portion of the university. Tier II events include major activities related to cultural month celebrations like Black History Month, sorority and fraternity recruitment, Greek Week, superior accomplishment award ceremonies, conferences, and similar events as approved by the Director of the Setzer Student Center.

Reservation Window Opens: Six calendar months before the day of the event.

Tier III: Conferences

Professional conferences or development programs hosted by University Departments with attendance from non-university guests. The University Department must be actively involved in planning the event and must attend the event. Payment for building use, staffing, and rental (when applicable) will be made from a University account.

Reservation Window Opens: Six calendar months before the day of the event.

Tier IV: Sponsored Events

Groups unaffiliated with the university hosted by an RSO or University Department. To be eligible for a sponsored rate, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The RSO or University Department must actively participate in the event by assuming responsibility for all reservation arrangements and charges assessed through their student organization or departmental account.
  2. All communications with the Office of Event Services must be conducted by the RSO or University Department.
  3. A member of the RSO or University Department must be present throughout the entire event.

Reservation Window Opens: Three calendar months before the day of the event.

Tier V: Non-Sponsored Events

Non-university groups, non-profit organizations, individuals, and for-profit groups.

Requests for space by groups not affiliated with the University may require additional time for a decision. An immediate response may not be the rule, as scheduling must be compatible with the University Master Calendar and availability of Setzer Student Center space.

All Non-Sponsored groups must pay all related fees and permit costs up-front in accordance with current policy and fee schedule. All Non-Sponsored groups are subject to the policies of Lamar University and the TSUS.

Reservation Window Opens: Three calendar months before the day of the event.

Begin Your Reservation

Based on the type of group hosting the event, select the appropriate option below.

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