University Posting Policy

Lamar University is committed to creating a campus which supports its academic mission, providing a campus culture conducive to learning and free from obscene materials and those which create hostile workplace environments. The rules articulated in this policy apply to all Lamar students, faculty, staff and their official organizations, as well as to external persons and groups seeking to communicate with the campus.

Due to practical administrative realities, this policy does not apply to employees acting in the course and scope of their university employment. This exception includes official activities of Lamar University, the Lamar University Foundation, and the Lamar University Alumni Association.

  1. All materials – flyers, posters, handbills, signs, banners, promotional items, t-shirts, etc. must be approved and stamped prior to posting on campus.
  2. Posting approval may be obtained in the Event Services Office in the Student Organizations Annex between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.
  3. All materials must be clear and legible, bear the full name of the sponsoring entity and provide event and current contact information.
  4. All events must be entered into OrgSync for inclusion on the Student Life online calendar.
  5. Material written in a language other than English must include a translation.
  6. Any posted materials lacking university approval stamp or posted past the noted date will be removed.
  7. Campus entities posting materials are responsible for immediate clean up and/or removal of those that are in violation of terms of this regulation; otherwise, materials will be removed by the posting entity within 24 hours of completion of an event.
  8. Any entity that posts, displays, or distributes materials in a way that damages university property is financially responsible for the repair.
  9. The university is not responsible for the condition of posted materials and will not return materials that are removed.
  10. Materials posted or distributed may not glorify, edify, promote or support the use or sale of alcohol or illegal drugs; display trademarks and or brand names of alcohol or illegal drug products; contain material that is obscene or slanderous; and/or be directed to incite or produce imminent lawless action.
  11. Students, faculty, staff, and registered student organizations must follow the University Visual Standards when using Lamar University trademarks.
  12. Postings must not give the impression an event was sponsored by the University if that is not the case.
  13. Non-university groups may not use Lamar University trademarks without approval from the Office of Public Relations.


  1. Only one item per event may be posted on any one bulletin board.
  2. Maximum size for bulletin board postings is 14” x 22”.
  3. Any bulletin board designated for specific groups or specific use is not to be used for general posting.
  4. Only staples or thumbtacks may be used to attach materials to the bulletin boards.
  5. Bulletin or posting boards maintained and monitored by university offices or departments do not fall under these posting regulations. Authorization to post materials on these boards must be obtained through the appropriate university department.


  1. A banner which carries the name of a responsible student organization will be approved to be hung in an approved area if space permits.
  2. Only one banner per organization will be allowed during a two week period.
  3. The same banner may not be displayed for more than two weeks per semester.
  4. Banners can only be hung by Setzer Center personnel. Student organizations will leave their approved banners in the Event Services Office and the staff will hang the banners. No one else is allowed to hang, reposition, or remove banners.
  5. Maximum banner size cannot exceed 4 feet by 6 feet.


  1. Handbills may be posted on bulletin boards or presented to individuals.
  2. Handbills cannot be posted on cars or residence hall doors.


  1. The placement of free-standing signs on campus is limited to the promotion of events or activities for up to 7 days prior to their occurrence and must be removed within 24 hours upon completion of the events/activities.
  2. Up to 10 stake signs no larger than 24” x 18” may be placed on campus at any one time for a single event/activity.
  3. Signs must not block walkways.


  1. The placement of any material and/or free-standing signs on vehicles, sidewalks, walkways or any paved areas is prohibited, except for emergency, safety, warning or directional signs placed by university officials acting on behalf of the university to announce a matter directly related to the health, safety or welfare of the university community.
  2. No materials may be posted on walls, windows, doors, exteriors of buildings, trees, side walk covers and support posts, etc.
  3. No materials may be placed on car windshields.
  4. Chalk, paint, and similar materials may not be used on sidewalks, walkways, walls, or other structures.


  1. Flyers to be posted in residence halls must first be approved and stamped by the staff of the Event Services Office in the Student Organizations Annex.
  2. Approved flyers must then be delivered to the Office of Residence Life in Gentry Hall for approval to post in the residence halls.

Any organization and/or individual member of the Lamar University community found in violation of the Posting Policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, monetary fines, loss of posting privileges, probation, and/or expulsion.