Indoor and Outdoor Tabling

Tabling in and around the Setzer Student Center, Library Commons (covered walk way area between the Library, Family and Consumer Science, and the Cherry Engineering Building), and the Dining Hall Lawn area is a privilege extended to recognized student organizations and university departments at Lamar University. Tabling is, many times, the first impression that a prospective student, current student, or faculty member has of an organization.

This policy guides the appropriate activities during tabling so that all members of the Lamar University community find it enjoyable and educational. As the administrative office for tabling, the Setzer Student Center reserves the right to create, enforce, and change the Tabling Policy at its discretion.

General Guidelines

  • All requests for outdoor and indoor tabling space must be made through the Event Request Form in OrgSync for registered student organizations, or the form on the Event Services website for university departments. There is a limited number of tables and chairs that are available for indoor and outdoor spaces. Reservation will be reviewed and assigned on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Non-university groups may only table in designated outdoor areas depending on availability. Non-university groups will be subject to a tabling fee per the Setzer Student Center Fee Schedule depending on their for-profit or non-profit status. The non-university group will need to pay that fee before tabling.
  • The registered student organization or university department will be notified if a change is necessary and will assist in finding another location if the Setzer Student Center is unable to meet their tabling request.
  • Tabling is reserved in increments up to four (4) hours.
  • Harassing, loud, and/or boisterous activity is prohibited. Major disruptions and/or unaddressed complaints may cause early termination of the event.
  • All groups are responsible for cleaning up their area during and after tabling. Failure to leave the area clean after tabling are subject to loss of privileges to use facilities or area and in a clean-up fee.
  • The student organization’s president, treasurer, or their designees, or non-university groups accept full financial responsibility for any damages or losses that occur to Lamar University property or grounds during the tabling time. 
  • Spaces will be available approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled tabling time unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • If your event is cancelled for any reasons, immediately contact the Event Services Office at 409-880-7285, and complete the Event Cancellation Form in Org Sync within 48 business hours of the event time. Failure to notify the Event Services Office of cancellation may result in a fine. Furthermore, the failure to show up on reserved dates may result in loss of table space and reservation privileges. 

Tabling for Fundraising Activities

Food Events
  • All food sale and/or food giveaway events are limited to registered student organizations and university departments.
  • Fundraisers that involve food sales and/or food giveaways are only allowed outside of the Setzer Student Center, the Library Commons, and the Dining Hall Lawn areas.
  • All groups must comply with the University’s Temporary Food Dealer’s policies and procedures.
  • Food cooked outside for fundraising must be limited to items that can be cooked on a grill. No other appliances are permitted. The Dining Hall Lawn area is designated for grilling. Prohibited cooking elements include but are not limited to deep fryers, crockpots, electric grills, chafing dishes, and sterno.

Indoor Tabling

  • The Setzer Student Center has limited indoor tabling spaces located near both the main entrances.
  • No food items may be sold or given away inside the Setzer Student Center.
  • Registered student organizations or university departments are allowed up to four (4) indoor table reservations per week. One (1) table is allowed per reservation.

Amplified Sound at Indoor Tabling Events

  • Only one amplified sound event per day will be permitted.
  • No personal speakers or sound amplifiers (manual or electronic) will be permitted.
  • The registered student organization or university department must use SSC equipment.
  • All sound levels will be controlled by the SSC and are not to disrupt the mission of the Setzer Student Center.
  • All SSC equipment should be returned at the end of the tabling event. A $15 per day, per item late fee will be assessed for failure to return equipment as agreed.
  • A fee equal to replacement cost may be assessed for any equipment not returned, lost, or damaged beyond repair.

Outdoor Tabling
  • There are specific outdoor areas at Lamar University that can be reserved for tabling. Areas that can be used for outdoor tabling are:
    • Dining Hall Lawn: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
      • Dining Hall Center Lawn
      • Dining Hall East
      • Dining Hall West
      • Dining Hall Patio, Left & Right sides
    • Library Commons: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    • Recreational Sports Front Yard: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    • Circle Drive Patio area: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Registered student organization or department are allowed up to four (4) table requests per week. Only one (1) table per request is allowed, unless the student organization is hosting an approved fundraiser that requires a table for hand sanitation.

Amplified Sound at Outdoor Tabling Events

  • Only one amplified sound tabling request per day will be permitted in the Dining Hall Lawn area or the Library Commons.
  • Sound should be at a level as not to disturb classrooms or offices. The SSC reserves the right to require sound to be turned down or off depending on the situation.
  • All SSC equipment should be returned at the end of the tabling event. A $15 per day, per item late fee will be assessed for failure to return equipment as agreed.
  • A fee equal to replacement cost may be assessed for equipment lost or damaged beyond repair.
Revised September 6, 2018.