Room Setups and Assignments

A request for space does not guarantee that a space is assigned.

Reservation requests will not be considered confirmed until the Event Services office sends an official reservation confirmation.

All requests will be reviewed by the Event Services manager before being scheduled.

Some rooms in the Setzer Student Center are available with an existing standard setup (preset) and their setups cannot be changed. Other rooms may be arranged in a variety of configurations. Please note that if you require a specific set up, some rooms may not be available to you.

The Setzer Student Center reserves the right to reassign rooms to serve the greatest number of programs and services. The Event Services office will provide notification of changes to reservations promptly via email, phone or fax.

Event Services reserves the right to reject any reservation that it determines programmatically and operationally too difficult to accommodate. Reservation requests may also be denied if the organization or event is in conflict with any Lamar University policies and/or with Texas State University System (TSUS) policies.

Furniture including tables and chairs is not to be changed except by special permission from the Setzer Student Center Director. When possible, Event Services will try to accommodate all changes to reservations. Last minute requests that require additional labor charges may necessitate passing those costs on to the customer. Discuss the agenda for your event in advance and provide a copy of your program and event needs as soon as possible. Event Services can better serve you and your guests if we are aware of your schedule.