Safety and Emergencies

Safety Requirements

  • Organizations/Users are not permitted to run electrical, sound, video, or other cables through doorways.

  • All cables must be adequately covered to prevent persons from tripping over them. All cables must be protected to prevent damage to the cables.

  • Access to fire suppression equipment, heating and air conditioning vents shall not be covered or obstructed at any time by the Organization/User.

  • No activities in violation of Federal, State or Local Laws, ordinances, or rules or regulations of Lamar University and the Texas State University System shall be permitted in the Setzer Student Center or its premises. It is the responsibility of the Organization/User to enforce this requirement.

  • Organization/User agrees not to bring into the Setzer Student Center, or its premises, any material, substance, equipment, or object which is likely to cause damage to the facility, endanger the life of or to cause bodily injury to, any person in the facility or which is likely to constitute a hazard.

  • Organization/User shall cause its employees, agents, contractors, exhibitors, patrons and invitees to comply with such restrictions.

Emergency Procedures

  • In the event of an emergency, the Setzer Center Staff/Operating Personnel will follow emergency evacuation procedures to safely assist persons leaving the facility.

  • The Setzer Student Center Staff/Operating Personnel on duty will notify University Police in the event of any emergency.

  • All medical expenses incurred in such regard will be the responsibility of the person transported and/or treated.