Fundraising and Solicitation

The Setzer Student Center and areas adjacent where the Director of the Setzer Student Center has responsibility for scheduling for fundraising or solicitation purposes are subject to Lamar University and the Texas State University System policies.

Fundraising or solicitation activities include but are not limited to selling any item or service, charging admission to an event, and/or taking donations for charity. All food sales events are limited to registered student organizations. Commercial solicitation by any on or off campus group is prohibited.

Registered Student Organizations and University Departments

Solicitations by registered student organizations and students are prohibited on the grounds and Setzer Student Center except for:

  • Activities supporting the educational mission of the institution;
  • Promotion of organizational activities consistent with organization mission;
  • Recruitment of members or membership drives;
  • Accepting donations on behalf of altruistic or charitable projects;
  • Scholarship and/or fundraising projects in support of organization mission.
Provisions for proceeds from the solicitation must be included in the request for approval to conduct the solicitation.