Assuring the safety of LU students, faculty, staff, visitors and facilities is the reason for establishing year-round Decorations Policy. Your cooperation, regardless of the reason or season, is appreciated.

General Guidelines

  • Only those materials labeled as noncombustible, flame-resistant, or flame-retardant should be used.
  • Do not block or obscure doors, exits, passageways to exits, door view panels, or exit and emergency lights.
  • Keep all materials away from heat sources.
  • Setzer Student Center Event Planning Staff must receive all decoration plans/props in writing and will approve prior to installation.
  • A fire extinguisher shall be provided anytime an open flame is kept or transported.
  • Magnets are available for checkout from the Student Event Planning office to use for hanging decorations from ceiling tiles or on ballroom divider walls. All magnets must be returned immediately following the event or financial charges will apply.
  • Strobe lights may be used during an event as long as signage is posted at the entrance doors warning participants about the lighting effects used during the performance.
  • All equipment, decorations, etc. provided by the group must be removed immediately following the event. Additional charges may be applied to your group if removal of items or extensive cleaning by Setzer Center staff is required.

Prohibited Materials

These materials may not be used for decorations under any circumstances, because they are inherently combustible or cannot be flame-proofed.

  • Glitter, confetti, rice, metallic sprinkles and/or similar materials
  • Hay or straw (loose or baled), sand, sawdust, wood shavings, leaves, branches
  • Flammable powders or liquids
  • Paper streamers, crepe paper
  • Lights attached to stage curtains, drapes, artificial plants, or fabrics
  • Clear or transparent tape, duct tape, glue, hot glue guns, irons, thumbtacks
  • Nails/tape/glue on doors, walls, floors. and furniture
  • Smoke machines, bubble machines, fountain, fog machines, tiki or oil lamps, torches
  • Live and cut trees–so combustible and difficult to maintain in acceptable condition

Electric Lights

  • All electric light set and extension cord used inside facilities must bear the Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM) label and be marked for indoor use.
  • Use no more than three sets of lights per extension cord.
  • Do not run wires under carpet, through doorways, or where they will be walked on.
  • Do not place electric lights on metallic trees. Use spotlights for illumination.
  • Turn off all lights when area is unattended.


  • The use of helium cylinders must be approved by the Director of the Setzer Student Center in advance of any event.

Candles, Open Flames, and Lanterns

  • Ceremonies – Open flame devices necessary for ceremonial purposes are permitted but must be arranged to minimize direct contact with or exposure to combustible materials so as to avoid injury to users and persons in attendance. Open flame devices must be supervised at all times when lighted and extinguished as soon as possible when ceremony has concluded.
  • Candles – Used only at occupied dining tables are permitted; however, when used must be completely enclosed in a tip-resistant, noncombustible container so as to be self-righting if placed in a freestanding position. Such candles should be monitored by Event staff and must be extinguished as soon as possible after the table is vacated or event concludes.

Trees and Greens

  • Artificial trees that are labeled as flame-resistant, flame-retardant may be used.
  • Greens – Evergreen (no cedar) may be used in limited quantities.


  • Commercial costumes should be used whenever possible. Where homemade costumes are used, a flame-proofing solution should be applied to lightweight or combustible fabrics and materials. Extra care should be taken when wearing costumes around any source of heat.

Construction of Decorations

  • Any decoration must be constructed outside the Setzer Student Center and brought into the building. Hammering, sawing, nailing, painting, gluing, ironing, etc. is not permitted indoors.
  • Decorations CAN ONLY be hung from ceiling tiles or ballroom divider walls using magnets.

Event Storage

  • Once setup, decorations are allowed overnight in the room. Upon conclusion of the event, all decorations must be removed. The group must remove all decorations from the campus. Neither trash containers or dumpsters on campus will be used to discard items.