Climbing Courses

Many climbers feel that muscle plays a huge role in the success or ease of climbing. Technique is a main component in rock climbing. For example, rock climbing is like a dance in the sense that every move can be calculated, precise, and elegant. Outdoor Pursuits is hosting rock climbing classes where you can learn rock climbing movement, technique, basic technical skills, and lead climbing. All classes fill on a first come first serve basis and will max out at six participants.

Movement Class

The Movement Class will to teach beginners how to rock climb without the strain, all the while preparing climbers to create movements that provide clarity and precision. In movement class, participants will learn the principles behind Bouldering (low level climbing without equipment). This class coincides with Bouldering by applying the principles of movement techniques. For example, terms such as lay-back, crimp, under cling, heel hook, and smear will no longer be unfamiliar because you will have learned the terms by experience. This class is available for beginners and individuals wanting to enhance their climbing technique.

Basic Climbing Class

The Basic Climbing Class is the roots for which the vertical world of knowledge and exploration can be built upon. This three hour intensive course provides a beginner climber with the technical skills to climb. In this course a participant will learn skills such as:

  • proper harness usage
  • rock climbing knots
  • equipment usage
  • belaying
  • belay commands and more

The last hour of the course will be spent implementing all skills taught by the climbing wall instructors. After completion of this course, a participant can take a belay test any time the wall is open. Once it is passed the participant can belay and climb during open wall hours without the assistance from Wall staff.

Lead Climbing Class

Participants must have had passed the belay test (top rope) prior to taking this class.

Lead Climbing is an advanced type of rock climbing. This class will prepare individuals for climbing that requires more focus and determination. Participants will learn how to lead climb along with lead belaying. After participants complete this course, a lead climbing certification test is available to those that would like to be certified to lead belay. If the belay test is passed, the participant can lead climb during open wall hours without the assistance from climbing wall staff. The Lead Climbing Class is recommended for all climbers that want to take climbing to the next level.

Advanced Lead

Do you love lead climbing in the recreation center? Would you like to try it in the outdoors? This course will provide you with the skills necessary to sport climb outside. Some of the things you will learn will include:

  • how to prepare for success or a retreat
  • how to clean a route
  • how to identify a well or poorly bolted route
  • what to look for in a safe climbing partner

Take this opportunity to broaden your climbing experiences in the outdoors.

Anchor Building 101

So far you have learned how to belay, lead climb/belay, and maybe you have taken an advanced lead class. What happens when you want to climb at an area that does not have bolted routes or pre-set anchors? Anchors Building 101 teaches individuals how to utilize rock climbing equipment and construct anchors for rock climbing in the outdoors.

Locations like this exist all over the country including locations in Texas such as Mineral Wells State Park.