Student Staff MVP

About Our Most Valuable Personnel

The student staff of Recreational Sports consistently go above and beyond to serve the LU community. They're an invaluable asset to our university, and their work is vital to the future of collegiate recreation.

Recreational Sports created the Most Valuable Personnel program to show our appreciation to our student staff. We thank them for their outstanding contributions and student leadership!

October 2017 MVP

Jasmine RandolphJasmine Randolph- RSCC Supervisor

Recreational Sports Student Staff MVP for the month of October 2017 is our one and only Jasmine Randolph! She first started working for Rec Sports during her first semester here at Lamar University, in the Fall of 2015. She began as a building attendant, but with a good work ethic and outstanding leadership skills she moved up to Recreational Sports Cardinal Committee Supervisor and serves on our Leadership Team as an Assistant Coordinator. During Hurricane Harvey, she stepped forward in a time of crisis to supervise the Rec Center. We were able to open up for students who had nowhere else to go, and restore a little normality to the students’ lives, Jasmine, you are our Harvey Hero!

Ms. Randolph has done a fantastic job to ensure that the facilities are run properly, assisting every patron, and working hands on with our professional staff as well as our student staff. When we asked Jasmine what is your favorite part about working for Recreational Sports, she said “Working at the Rec Center is an amazing on campus job. My favorite part about the Rec is the friendships and bonds I have built with my coworkers.”

Jasmine is a Junior majoring in Kinesiology, and will graduate Fall 2019. We asked how her job at the Rec will contribute to her life experience after graduation and she said, “My plans after graduation are to pursue my career in education. Working here at the Rec Center has allowed me to build connections, but also learn valuable transferrable skills. While being an employee I have had the opportunity of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying things I would not typically try. This job has offered promotion in which I became a Student Supervisor. Here at the Rec we have amazing Professional Staff that help guide all students in the right direction to success.”

In addition to being a student supervisor at the Rec Center, Jasmine still finds time to serve as President of Lamar Universities Women’s Club Basketball Team and participate in Intramurals volleyball. She is also the Junior Varsity Volleyball Coach at Legacy Christian Academy here in Beaumont. During the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, she volunteered numerous hours for Red Cross, Democratic Party of Beaumont, and at surrounding churches. Our Lamar student employee is stepping into success!

Jasmine’s life motto is: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. Philippians 4:13” Congratulations, Jasmine!

April 2017 MVP

Kannan BoopathyBoopathy Kannan - Intramurals Official

Rec Sports' Student Staff MVP for April is Boopathy Kannan. Boopathy began working for Recreational Sports in fall 2016 after he was recruited for cricket, volleyball & soccer as an Intramurals Official. On an average day, Boopathy fulfills the officiating needs of each sport while also being an active participant of each sport, a job he finds most interesting and seems more like fun than work.

There are a many aspects that make working for Recreational Sports most enjoyable for Boopathy, such as officiating soccer and interacting with fellow staff, friendly Graduate Assistants, and the Intramural Coordinator. Boopathy says working at Rec Sports and having these interactions is and will always be wonderful memories. The Rec Sports Center itself is a grand enterprise for him because he has never been in such a large facility. As an international student Boopathy is most comfortable working with many people, from co-staffs to all Superiors, and Pro Staffs alike. He states, “People are so friendly and help me out in any circumstance.” Boopathy would like to give a special thanks to the staff members at Recreational Sports for giving him an opportunity as a sports official, which has helped sharpen his skills.

Boopathy graduates in May of 2018 with a Masters in Computer Science. Boopathy says the level of contribution to his skills formed during his work at Rec Sports will be high as he is gaining more and more experience in each sport that can carry him to the next level in a sports career, although he is majoring in computer science. Upon graduation Boopathy would like to find a great job that suits his interests, whether that may be as a software engineer or as a senior sports official.

In addition to his input with Rec Sports, Boopathy volunteers as a member of Lamar Green Squad. He loves servicing the community by encouraging and working toward a green environment. Regarding his volunteer work Boopathy says, “Having just begun building my resume, I consider this performance a first step toward my future achievements.”

His supervisor, Coordinator of Intramural Sports Jason Harrington commends Boopathy for being involved in each event that the Intramural and Sports Club offers, attending training for multiple sports, and working various club events as well. Always available to assist, “Boopathy has picked up shifts when we didn't have the spot filled and kept us out of a jam.”

Boopathy says, “I am not a kind of guy who dreams about the future; I chose rather to live in the present.” His motto is: Do and give your best in whatever you are up to at any moment. Congratulations, Boopathy!

March 2017 MVP

bailey-ballardBailey Ballard - Building Attendant

Recreational Sports Student Staff MVP for the month of March is Bailey Ballard, who began working for Recreational Sports in the spring of 2016. While doing a great job working in the Rec, she has really shown off her leadership skills by joining our Rec Sports Leadership Team and presenting at Lamar's 2017 Leadership Conference. Her ability to stand up and take the lead proved to us that she has what it takes to be this month's MVP.

Bailey does an excellent job enhancing the patrons experience at the Rec by assisting them, answering questions, and providing clean equipment all while never letting a smile leave her face. She always makes the patrons feel welcome. Bailey said her fondest memory of working in Recreational Sports was, “when we had an employee lock in and we invited all the different departments. We grilled, made s'mores, and played a lot of games! It was fun to be able to interact with others that help the facility run so smoothly."

Bailey is a sophomore majoring in American Sign Language and minoring in History, and will graduate Spring 2019. We asked how her job at the Rec will contribute to her life experience after graduation and she said, “By working at the Rec I have been able to join the Leadership Committee, by doing so I had the opportunity to represent Recreation Sports at the 2017 Leadership Conference, by being a presenter. If it were not for Recreation sports, I would not have had the confidence to present and I would not have taken advantage of such a wonderful experience. Because I have a new confidence from Recreation Sports when I become a teacher, standing in front of the class will be less nerve racking.”

Another campus organization Bailey is involved in is the Signing Cardinals, which helps bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf students and helps to sharpen her signing skills. Bailey has enjoyed meeting new people through Signing Cardinals since August 2015.

Bailey's life motto is: “Share a smile, you never know who needs it!” She says “A smile is all it takes to make someone's day better!” Congrats, Bailey!

January 2017 MVP

Cody Allen - Outdoor Pursuits Manager

Cody Allen

Rec Sports' Student Staff MVP for January is Cody Allen. Cody started working for Outdoor Pursuits in January 2015. In his position as an OP manager, Cody has done a spectacular job supervising the rock wall and planning adventure trips for LU students. Cody's leadership, passion, and guidance makes him a true MVP.

Cody says, "Working for OP makes people a little jealous when I tell them what I do, which is help people enjoy the outdoors. My goal is to get the LU community involved in outdoor recreation, and I get to do that with the help of an extraordinary team that I now call my friends. It's hard to consider what I do at my job as 'work' because I'm doing something that I love."

Cody graduates this May with a degree in Electrical Engineering. We asked him how his job at the Rec will contribute to his life experience after graduation and he said, "Outdoor Pursuits is primarily student-led, and we have a lot of freedom in our programming, which demands a lot of responsibility. This has led me to grow as a self-driven employee. I've gained confidence in my ability to work with and lead a team, and those skills will be essential in growing my career. Alongside my career, I hope to continue helping others get involved with the outdoors through local programs and churches." We know that wherever Cody goes in life, he'll be a strong leader with new, fresh ideas!

When he's not engaging LU students in adventure activities, Cody volunteers as a musician at his church - and he's been playing music for over 10 years! Last summer, he went on a 200-mile backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevada in California. Cody said, "When I'm not doing crazy stuff like, that I enjoy cycling and rock climbing."

Cody's life motto is, "Anything can be an adventure. It's up to you to make it one." Congratulations, Cody!