Resources for Intramural Officials

The Intramural Sports program is always looking for student officials! No prior experience is needed. Trainings will be held for all officials prior to the season.

Officiating for Intramural Sports at Lamar is a fun, flexible, and engaging opportunity for on-campus employment.

  • You'll work with fellow Lamar students just like you!
  • We offer flexible scheduling to work around your class schedule.
  • Officiating is a job that requires physical effort and critical thinking skills and knowledge of the rules for the sport that you are officiating. 
  • If you're interested in an opportunity to manage, officiate, and watch sports on a weekly basis, then officiating Intramural Sports is for you!
  • Uniforms will be provided. Supply your own whistle.
  • There are opportunities for advancement. New Supervisors are hired each spring.


  • Cricket
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer

Job Description

Officiate intramural team sports including flag football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and other seasonal sports.

Intramural sports officiating is a seasonal employment opportunity. Up to 19.5 hours per week, preferably weekday evenings and weekends.

Starts at $7.25/hour for new officials, with incentive pay increases per year for consistent employment. Work Study students preferred, but not mandatory.

Work under the supervision of the Coordinator of Intramural Sports, Graduate Assistants of Intramural Sports, and student supervisors for each sport.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • A thorough knowledge of the sport being officiated.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to understand and give instructions.
  • Must be energetic and professional.
  • Ability to tactfully, firmly, and impartially enforce rules.
  • Ability to exhibit professional appearance and attitude.
  • Ability to think and respond quickly in emergency situations.
  • Previous sports officiating experience is preferred but not required.

  • Physical ability to keep up with the sports being officiated.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.

Additional Requirements

  • Must attend all mandatory training and evaluation sessions.
  • New officials are selected from top performers in field/court officiating evaluations and written exams for each sport.

Duties of Intramurals Officials

Provide Pre-Game Assistance

  • Assist in field maintenance including marking field lines, mowing grass, and other duties needed to prepare the field for play.
  • Set up equipment for evening and/or weekend activities.
  • Run sign-in and check student ID’s at Intramural events.
  • Assist in checking facilities for safety hazards.

Provide Quality Officiating During Contests

  • View and follow the Intramural Sports contest and enforce the rules/policies as judiciously as possible.
  • Oversee the Intramural Sports contest and ensure participation takes place in a safe manner.
  • If keeping score, view and follow the game and correctly and legibly record the score and/or statistics.

Additional Duties

  • Assist with other tasks in the Recreational Sports Department such as inventory, equipment assembling, and field maintenance at outdoor fields.
  • Promote the Recreational Sports Department and Intramural Sports by distributing flyers around the campuses of LU and LIT.
  • Attend orientation and informational sessions to provide information to interested parties.
  • Help set up, break down, and oversee Sport Clubs events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Flag Football Official

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