LU Lead Certification

LU Lead

LU LEAD is an engaging and interactive leadership development program that aims to foster successful student leaders.  LU LEAD does this by exposing students to introductory concepts of leadership, emphasizing meaningful connections amongst peers and other members of the Lamar University community, and providing students the tools they need to succeed both personally and professionally.  In result, LU LEAD strives to empower students to reach their maximum potential and ultimately get the most from their LU experience and beyond.

After participating in LU LEAD students will be able to:

  • Lead a student organization and/or hold a leadership position confidently
  • Apply skills learned in the LU LEAD program to their future professional fields 
  • Rely on connections built within the program to continue leadership development
  • Pass leadership skills on to future generations of leaders

Program Details:

  • Students will apply in the Fall Semester and complete the LU Lead Program in the Spring Semester.
  • Students will meet once a week for a session with a Staff Mentor and Student Mentor 
  • During those sessions leadership topics will be featured and taught

On completion, students will receive a Lamar University certificate in leadership that demonstrates your skills, determination, and ability to lead with purpose.

For more information and details, Apply to LU LEAD!