Guidelines for Spring 2021

General Expectations

Due to the health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, we have established these guidelines and expectations that will apply to all Greek Life meetings, recruitment activities, events, and on- and off-campus programs through May 31, 2021. We will follow Lamar University’s COVID-19 recommendations, which includes:

  • Wearing face masks
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Responsibility of cleaning used common spaces
  • Reimagining large scale events to follow social distancing guidelines
  • Following signage throughout buildings and campus spaces
  • Making health and safety of members the priority
  • Following all University, State, and CDC guidelines

Greek Life Sponsored Events and Programs

Will the LU Greek Life Office still be hosting programs and meetings?

Yes. All LU Greek Life office-sponsored events and programs will follow University guidelines with social distancing requirements, the mandatory wearing of masks, and ensuring room capacity does not exceed 25% of occupancy. Some events and programs will also be conducted virtually to make accommodations for students.

Guidelines for Chapter-Sponsored Activities
Chapters may continue to operate and engage with their membership. We encourage your executive teams to work with your advisors and the LU Greek Life staff to reimagine events and programs (brotherhoods/ sisterhoods, philanthropy, service, etc.) under these guidelines and expectations.

Social Events

  • All off-campus social events and parties are suspended for the Spring 2021 semester. Social events include, but are not limited to, parties hosted at bars, nightclubs, event halls, and house parties. Our office will lift the socials and parties' suspension only when changes are made regarding large gatherings by the State.
  • Other off-campus events hosted by LU Fraternities/Sororities are expected to follow the current State and CDC orders and recommendations regarding event location/attendance/activity.
  • Events not meeting the parameters of the State should be conducted with the health and safety of members, attendees, and the vendors/staff of the establishment in mind.
  • We ask students to make mindful choices and encourage behavior that helps prevent community spread of COVID-19. Face coverings are required, and physical distancing should be encouraged. Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations should be made available.
  • Hosting an event at a private residence that brings large numbers of people together who do not live in the same home is prohibited.


  • Current CDC and State guidance recommends gatherings have no more than ten people for physical attendance or participation. Should this change, you will be notified accordingly.
  • Following this guidance, we recommend chapter meetings be held in a virtual or hybrid format for the duration of the semester.
  • Any in-person meetings should be conducted with six feet of physical distancing and should provide a method for virtual participation for members who are not comfortable attending a face-to-face meeting. The Setzer Student Center is available to assist you with setting up your virtual meetings in one of their meeting spaces. Your chapter is responsible for your own virtual meeting account.
  • All in-person attendees must wear face coverings.
  • Room capacity reductions will restrict the number of members who can be in a space for face-to-face meetings.
  • Groups should consider hosting meetings/practices virtually or in smaller groups in areas that allow for physical distancing.
  • Groups should ensure members and guests are aware they are not to attend face-to-face activities, events, or meetings if they are sick.

General questions to ask yourself regarding meetings during this time:

  • Is this event/program critical to the mission and values of our organization?
  • Is it essential this meeting/event/program be held in-person to be successful?
  • Does this space hold the capacity for X amount of people to be comfortably seated at a six-foot minimum distance to ensure social distancing, and thereby limit exposure?
  • What are the potential risks of exposure associated with this event/program? How might we mitigate that risk?
  • Have I spoken with my advisors and the LU Greek Life staff to review our program/event plan?

Recruitment, Membership Intake, and Membership Education Processes

  • LU Greek organizations will be permitted to conduct recruitment and membership intake processes and the prescribed membership education process.
  • Per CDC and State guidance, we recommend recruitment events remain under ten students for in-person activities, including actives and potential new members/candidates.
  • All recruitment and membership intake activities will be submitted to the LU Greek Life Office through the Membership Recruitment & Intake Form by February 19, 2021.
  • We strongly recommend larger chapters utilize a virtual process to conduct interviews, events, and informational and educational sessions.
  • Organizations with Inter/National Affiliation and Membership, Fraternities/Sororities and all other Inter/Nationally recognized groups.
  • LU Greek organizations having a membership with a coordinating Executive or Headquarters Office are expected to observe those organizations' requirements as it relates to meetings, activities, and events.
  • If there are multiple requirements, organizations are expected to observe the most stringent requirements or guidance received regarding meetings, activities, and events.
  • Other LU Greek Life mission-critical events will be supported. These events must be planned in collaboration with the LU Greek Life staff to ensure all appropriate steps for risk mitigation, health, and safety are followed.
  • If a chapter would like to have an event on campus that is open to the public, prior approval will need to be obtained from the Campus Operations office through the regular event registration process in LUHub. Event permission should be requested at least 21 days before the event date. The event will be capped at 100 individuals and must be almost all LU students, faculty or staff. The Campus Operations office will determine the total amount of external participants permitted per event.

What are the mission-critical events?

  1. Scholarship
  2. Service
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Sisterhood/Brotherhood/Fellowship

Student Organization Advisor Guidance

  • Student organization advisors are expected to encourage the group and members to follow the University and the State's guidance regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. For more information, please refer to the Return to Campus: Fall 2020 website.
  • Encourage student members to be conscientious of the parameters regarding physical distancing and avoiding high-risk activities and environments.
  • Make your level of comfort with face-to-face meetings with the group clear. If you prefer to meet with them through virtual means, that should be an option. Please continue to meet regularly with organization leadership.
  • Help students understand the importance of wearing face coverings and physically distancing themselves when that isn’t possible.
  • Help students understand some people, for various reasons, cannot wear face coverings and they should have accommodations for virtual opportunities to participate.
  • Help students make thoughtful decisions about how to ask members or guests to wear a face covering.