About LU Greek Life


The mission of the Office of Greek Life is to enhance the quality of student life at Lamar University by empowering members of the Greek community through advising with a developmental approach, educating with purpose, communicating with stakeholders, and cultivating collective partnerships.


We strive to develop a community that enables individuals to make values based decisions, learn tangible skills and contribute to the betterment of the global community.


Leadership: Encourage values-based leadership development and promote/facilitate leadership opportunities for its members

Scholastic Advancement: Striving to create an environment that supports academic excellence through providing resources and initiatives

Relationship Building: Engaging members and organizations in opportunities that foster cross-council collaborations

Diversity: Fostering opportunities for members and organizations to develop their multicultural competency through interactions and experiences within the sorority and fraternity community; creating welcoming environments where all communities are appreciated and respected

Personal Development: Setting a standard for our students to live the values of their organizations that promote safe environments, social accountability, stewardship, and leadership development; yielding members and organizations to lead with high fraternal purpose

Communication: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining and strengthening local and national relationships with stakeholders to provide support for all fraternal organizations