Our Mission and Values


We create supportive and inclusive environments for student learning and empower students to achieve academic excellence, be responsible citizens, and serve as leaders in a diverse and global community.


Connectedness – We foster positive interpersonal and collaborative relationships in order to better serve students.

Diversity – We strive for an inclusive campus where all are valued and treated with civility and respect. We celebrate the understanding and appreciation of our similarities and differences with a welcoming and embracing attitude.

Integrity – We approach our work with professionalism and ethical standards, seek to provide quality services, apply best practices, and promote a culture of excellence and accountability, all of which are necessary for student success.

Lifelong Learning – We promote and model lifelong learning that contributes to continued personal and professional development. We are holistic in our approach with students interested not only in their academic success, but also in developing life-skills for an interdependent society.

Dedication – We are committed to fully serving students, which is critical for both students and university success.