Lamar University is committed to offering a learning environment for all and will work to protect, as much as reasonably possible, the health, safety, and welfare of our students and other members of the university community. To this end, the Critical Assessment Response and Evaluation Team (CARE Team) has been established.

The mission of the Critical Assessment Response and Evaluation Team is to coordinate the support services and resources of Lamar University to assist students who have reportedly displayed violent, threatening, or dangerous behaviors on campus. The university will provide a caring, confidential program of identification, intervention, and response to provide students with the greatest opportunity for success and the university community with the greatest level of protection.

To submit a report, complete the online form.

LU Care Team Members

Dr. Terry Mena, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students (Committee Chair)

Mary Atkinson, Director, Housing & Residence Life

Shawn Gray, Director, Student Health Center

Kayla Holloway, Director, Undergraduate Advising Center

Brenda McKay, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Dr. Shannon Hicks, Assistant Director of Counseling Services, Student Health Center

Kyle Mutz, Director, Disability Resource Center

Brenda Dixon, Compliance Officer and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources

Jeff Bell, Director and Title IX Coordinator, Human Resources

Dr. Adrienne Blackwell-Starnes, Assistant Professor, English and Modern Languages

Hector Flores, Chief of Police, Police Department

Robert Smith, Lieutenant, Professional Standards, Police Department

Danny Foster, Senior Student Conduct Officer

Nick Cioci, Assistant Registrar







Dr. Angela Hill, Dean of Students, Lamar Institute of Technology