CIP Codes

BA-ASLG BA in American Sign Language ASLG 161601
BA-BICH BA in Biochemistry BICH 260202
BA-CHMA BA in Chemistry CHMA 400501
BA-CRIJ BA in Criminal Justice CRIJ 430104
BA-ENGL BA in English ENGL 230101
BA-HIST BA in History HIST 540101
BA-MTHA BA in Mathematics MTHA 270101
BA-MODL BA in Modern Languages MODL 160101
BA-MUSA BA in Music MUSA 500901
BA-PHYS BA in Physics PHYS 400801
BA-PSCA BA in Political Science PSCA 451001
BA-PSYA BA in Psychology PSYA 420101
BA-SOCI BA in Sociology SOCI 451101
BAAS-BAAS BAAS Applied Arts and Sciences BAAS 309999
BSW-SOWK Bachelor of Social Work SOWK 440701
BBA-ACCT BBA in Accounting ACCT 520301
BBA-GBAD BBA in Advertising Comm GBAD 090903
BBA-GBED BBA in Business Education GBED 520101
BBA-GBCM BBA In Construction Management GBCM 143301
BBA-ECOB BBA in Economics ECOB 520601
BBA-GBEN BBA in Entrepreneurship GBEN 520701
BBA-FINC BBA in Finance FINC 520801
BBA-GBIN BBA in Gen Bus Industrial Engr GBIN 520205
BBA-GBBB BBA in General Business GBBB 520101
BBA-HRMG BBA in Human Resource Mngmt HRMG 521001
BBA-MGMT BBA in Management MGMT 520201
BBA-MKTG BBA in Marketing MKTG 521401
BBA-BMIS BBA in Mgmt Info Systems BMIS 521201
BBA-GBRE BBA in Retail Management GBRE 521803
BFA-ARTG BFA in Graphic Design ARTG 500409
BFA-ARTS BFA in Studio Art ARTS 500702
BFA-ARTD BFA In Studio Art Drawing ARTD 500702
BFA-ARTN BFA in Studio Art Painting ARTN 500702
BFA-ARTP BFA in Studio Art Photography ARTP 500702
BFA-ARTM BFA in Studio Art Printmaking ARTM 500702
BFA-ARTR BFA in Studio Art Sculp Cerami ARTR 500702
BFA-ARTC BFA in Studio Art Sculpture ARTC 500702
BGS-GENS BGS in General Studies GENS 240102
BM-MUSI BM in Music MUSI 500901
BM-MUSC BM in Music Composition MUSC 500901
BM-MUSE BM in Music Education MUSE 500901
BM-MUSP BM in Music Performance MUSP 500901
BS-FCFS BS Family Studies FCFS 190701
BS-FCRM BS Fashion Retail/Merchandisin FCRM 190901
BS-BIOL BS in Biology BIOL 260101
BS-CHEN BS in Chemical Engineering CHEN 140701
BS-CHMS BS in Chemistry CHMS 400501
BS-CVEN BS in Civil Engineering CVEN 140801
BS-COJT BS in Comm - Journalism Ed COJT 090101
BS-MCOM BS in Communication MCOM 090101
BS-COMB BS in Communication  Broadcast COMB 090101
BS-COMS BS in Communication - Film COMS 090101
BS-COMA BS in Communication Advertisin COMA 090101
BS-COMC BS in Communication Corporate COMC 090101
BS-COFT BS in Communication Film/Theat COFT 090101
BS-COMJ BS in Communication Journalism COMJ 090101
BS-COST BS in Communication Speech Ed COST 090101
BS-CISY BS in Comp and Info Science CISY 110101
BS-COSC BS in Computer Science COSC 110101
BS-CONS BS in Construction Management CONS 143301
BS-CRIJ BS in Criminal Justice CRIJ 430104
BS-ESCI BS in Earth Science ESCI 400601
BS-ELEN BS in Electrical Engineering ELEN 141001
BS-EVSC BS in Environmental Science EVSC 030104
BS-ESFM BS in Exercise & Fitness Mgmt ESFM 310504
BS-FORC BS in Forensic Chemistry FORC 400510
BS-GEOS BS in Geology GEOS 400601
BS-ARTG BS in Graphic Design ARTG 500409
BS-HPEH BS in Health HPEH 510001
BS-INEN BS in Industrial Engineering INEN 143501
BS-BSIT BS in Industrial Technology BSIT 150612
BS-PEPT BS in Kinesiology PEPT 310505
BS-MTHS BS in Mathematics MTHS 270101
BS-MEEN BS in Mechanical Engineering MEEN 141901
BS-NURS BS in Nursing NURS 513801
BS-FNDH BS in Nutrition/Dietetics/Hosp FNDH 190505
BS-PHYS BS in Physics PHYS 400801
BS-PSCS BS in Political Science PSCS 451001
BS-PSYS BS in Psychology PSYS 420101
BS-SOCI BS in Sociology SOCI 451101
BS-SPHS BS in Speech Hearing Sciences SPHS 510201
BS-ATSS BS in Studio Art ATSS 500702
BS-ATSE BS in Studio Art Education ATSE 500702
BS-THDA BS in Theatre and Dance THDA 500501
BS-INDS BS Interdisciplinary Studies INDS 309999
DEGR-DRCM DE-Chemical Engineering DRCM 140101
DEGR-DRCE DE-Civil Engineering DRCE 140101
DEGR-DREL DE-Electrical Engineering DREL 140101
DEGR-DRIN DE-Industrial Engineering DRIN 140101
DEGR-DRMC DE-Mechanical Engineering DRMC 140101
EDD-DELD Doc of Educ in Educ Leadership DELD 130401
DAUD-DRAU Doctor of Audiology DRAU 510202
DEGR-DEGR Doctor of Engineeering DEGR 140101
EDD-DSDE EDD in Deaf Studies Deaf Educ DSDE 131003
MA-MAEN MA in English MAEN 230101
MA-MAHS MA in History MAHS 540101
MA-MATS MA in Teaching Spanish as FL MATS 160101
MM-MMUI Master of Music MMUI 500901
MPA-MPAD Master of Public Admin MPAD 440401
MBA-MBAD MBA in Business Administration MBAD 520201
ME-MECH ME-Chemical Engineering MECH 140101
ME-MECV ME-Civil Engineering MECV 140101
MED-MDSA MED in Administration MDSA 130401
MED-CMHC MED in Clinical Mental Health CMHC 511508
MED-MDGC MED in Counseling and Developm MDGC 422803
MED-MDLL MED in Digital Learn Lead MDLL 130501
MED-AMSA MED in Educ Administration AMSA 130401
MED-AMET MED in Educ Tech Leadership AMET 130501
MED-AMSC MED in Counseling and Development AMSC 422803
MED-MPSD MED in Spec Ed Diagnostitian MPSD 131001
MED-AMSP MED in Special Education AMSP 131001
MED-MPSP MED in Special Education MPSP 131001
MED-AMTL MED in Teacher Leadership AMTL 130401
ME-MEEE ME-Electrical Engineering MEEE 140101
ME-MEIE ME-Industrial Engineering MEIE 140101
ME-MEME ME-MEchanical Engineering MEME 140101
MEM-MEMG MEM-Industrial Engineering MEMG 151501
MES-MSCH MES-Chemical Engineering MSCH 140101
MES-MSCV MES-Civil Engineering MSCV 140101
MES-MSEE MES-Electrical Engineering MSEE 140101
MES-MSIE MES-Industrial Engineering MSIE 140101
MES-MSME MES-Mechanical Engineering MSME 140101
MPH-MPHO MPH in Public Health MPHO 512207
MS-MACT MS in Accounting MACT 520301
MS-MSAP MS in Applied Psychology MSAP 422813
MS-MSAU MS in Audiology MSAU 510202
MS-MSBI MS in Biology MSBI 260101
MS-MCHM MS in Chemistry MCHM 400501
MS-MCSC MS in Computer Science MCSC 110701
MS-MSCJ MS in Criminal Justice MSCJ 430104
MS-DSED MS in Deaf Studies Deaf Ed DSED 131003
MS-MSEV MS in Environmental Engineerin MSEV 141401
MS-MSVS MS in Environmental Studies MSVS 030104
MS-MFCS MS in Family and Consumer Sci MFCS 190101
MS-MSPE MS in Kinesiology MSPE 310501
MS-MSMH MS in Mathematics MSMH 270101
MS-MSPT MS in Port and Terminal Mgmt MSPT 520209
MS-MSSL MS in Speech Lang Pathology MSSL 510203
MSN-AMNA MSN in Nursing Administration AMNA 513802
MSN-AMNE MSN in Nursing Education AMNE 513817
PHD-DPCM PHD in Chemical Engineering DPCM 140701