Waitlisting for Students

The Registrar's Office is excited to add a waitlisting feature. If you would like to add a course but cannot self-register, please contact your academic advisor. If you would like to add a course and can self-register, please follow the instructions below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about waitlisting are answered below, but if your question is not answered, or for more information, please contact us at Registrar@lamar.edu.

  • A spot on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat in the class.
  • To waitlist a course, you must meet the prerequisites and restrictions for that course.

How to waitlist a course

  1. Login to Self-Service Banner
  2. Select the Student tab at the top, then NEW Student Self-Service then Registration and Planning
  3. On the registration window, select Register for Classes
  4. Select term, click Submit
  5. In the Register for Classes window, under the Find Classes tab, search for classes by entering a variety of criteria such as Subject, Course Number or Keyword, then click Search.
  6. From the search results, select Add on the right column. If the course is full, and if a waitlist spot is available, please select Waitlist to be added to the waitlist. Note: If you attempt to add a course which is full, you will receive a Registration Error Message. If a waitlist spot is available for the course, the option to Waitlist will appear in the drop down list for the Action column.
  7. After adding the waitlisted course, you will then see the requested course in gray within the Schedule window (bottom left of screen) and the Summary window (bottom right of screen).
  8. On the Action column of the Summary window, choose Waitlist on the drop down list, then Submit.
  9. Confirm that you have successfully waitlisted the course. The Status will change to Waitlisted.
  10. To check your position on the waitlist, click View Student Schedules.
    1. Verify you have the correct term displayed
    2. Click on Schedule Details
    3. Find the course for which you want to verify your spot on the waitlist. Check that the arrow to the left of the title is pointing down to expand the CRN data. The Waitlist Position is shown on the bottom row of the CRN data.
  11. If/when someone in the full course drops it, the next eligible student on the waitlist will automatically be sent a "waitlist Notification" email from the Office of the Registrar. Students should take notice of the limited time window of the opportunity to add the waitlisted course if they still want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does waitlisting work?

    Waitlisting allows students to add themselves on a first-come, first-served basis to a waitlist for a course that is full. As seats become available, our system automatically sends a notification email to the student at the top of the list - giving them a specified amount of time to take the next seat in the previously full course.

    If that student does not take the seat, they are removed from the list and a notification email is sent to the next student in line and so on.

  • How do I know if a course has a waitlist?
    1. EVERY course will have a waitlist of 20.
    2. In the Class Schedule, courses with a waitlist will display a number of students currently on the waitlist
    3. In Self-Service Banner, when you attempt to add a course that is full, you will be prompted with a Registration Error Message. If a waitlist seat is available for the full course, there will be an explanation describing the status of the waitlist and the action you can take.
  • When does Waitlisting begin and end?

    Waitlisting begins the same day and time that registration begins. On the first class day of each part of term, the waitlist will be purged for those classes. Once this has been done, students will be able to add classes without a waitlist on a space-available basis through the regular registration process.

  • Will I be able to see where I am on the waitlist?


    Once you are on a waitlist, you can see where you are on the waitlist by logging into Self-Service Banner and clicking on:

    • Student>Student Self-Service>Student Services > Registration and Planning > View Registration Information
    • Select the appropriate term and click submit
  • How will I be notified if a seat becomes available?
    As soon as an empty seat in the course becomes available to you, you will receive a notification email to your Lamar University-issued email address. The sender will be Registrar@lamar.edu. This email will tell you which course is available, and how long you have to register for the course before you lose your spot on the waitlist. Please be aware that these course openings occur as other students drop the class, so the notification can come at any time of the day and night - even on the weekend. Be sure to check your Lamar University email often to ensure you do not miss your notification.
  • How long will I have to take the space once I am notified?

    You will have 24 hours from the time of notification to log into Self-Service Banner and register for the course. The specific time and date deadline to register will be included in the email you receive.


    Please note: If the deadline stated occurs after the deadline to add classes, that add deadline takes precedence - meaning you still cannot add courses past the registration deadline, even if waitlisting states otherwise.

  • What happens if I don't add the course within the alloted time listed on my email? Can you add me to the course?

    If you do not add the course within the allotted time listed in your notification email, your spot will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. It is possible to be added back to the waitlist, but note that you will then go to the bottom of the list.


    This is why it is vital that you regularly check your Lamar University email account - especially if you are on a waitlist.


    Please note that the Registrar's Office will not bypass the waitlist to administratively add a student.

  • A course I want has a waitlist, but I can't get on it, why not?
    Waitlists have capacity limits. All will start off at a capacity of 20. If the waitlist is full, you will not be able to get on it until there is an opening. Please contact us at Registrar@lamar.edu about the possibility of increasing the capacity of a waitlist that is full.
  • Can I be registered for one section of a class and be on a waitlist for another section of the same course?
    Yes. You can register for one section of a course, such as COMM 1315 and add yourself to a waitlist for a different section of COMM 1315. If your waitlist position becomes available and you prefer the waitlisted section, you must first drop the original section, then add the waitlisted section.
  • Can I waitlist a course section that has a time conflict with another course already on my schedule?

    Yes. While time conflicts are not allowed for registered courses, you can waitlist a course even if the waitlisted course has a time conflict.

    When you are notified of an opening, you must decide which course you want. If you want the waitlisted section, you will need to drop the registered course with the time conflict, then add the waitlisted course for which you were advised of an opening.