Guaranteed Price Plan

Beginning Fall 2014, Lamar University will offer a Guaranteed Price Plan to eligible students effective for four full years.

The Guaranteed Price Plan is a set price that accounts for anticipated increases in tuition and mandatory fees for four full years, providing the student remains an undergraduate resident of Texas.  

There will be no tuition or mandatory fee rate increases for the duration of the plan. Students who choose to opt-in to the plan must fill out the Guaranteed Price Plan Application. If a student decides not to opt-in, no action is necessary. The student will be charged the Traditional Price Plan in effect at that time. Only first-time, degree seeking freshmen, transfer students, and Texas residents are eligible for the plan.

Guaranteed Price Plan

Guaranteed Price Plan FAQ

Who is Eligible?

  • First-time, degree-seeking freshmen beginning Fall 2014. Students who graduate from high school are first-time freshmen, regardless of the number of college or advanced placement credits earned.

  • Students who transfer from any other post-secondary institution beginning Fall 2014

  • Texas residents

Who is NOT Eligible?

Non-resident or out of state students, and Graduate students are not eligible for the plan

How do I enroll in the Guaranteed Price Plan?

If a student decides to participate in the plan, he/she must opt-in. The application is available on the Lamar website and should be filled out and submitted before the census date (12th class day of the Fall/Spring: 4th class day of the Summer) of the semester in which the student registers as an incoming, degree-seeking freshman or transfer student.  After enrollment deadlines have passed, the student will not be eligible to enroll in the Guaranteed Price Plan.

Are Housing and Meal Plans covered under the Guaranteed Price Plan?

The Guaranteed Price Plan does not include costs associated with housing or meal plans. Textbooks, parking, and other non-mandatory fees are not covered.

How do I opt-out of the Guaranteed Price Plan?

The student may opt-out of the plan in any given semester.  The student must fill out the Opt-out form and submit the paper form. Once a student opts out, the student is no longer eligible for the Guaranteed Price Plan. 

Do I have to have a maximum or minimum amount of hours in a semester?

No. The Guaranteed Price Plan is in effect for four years, regardless of the number of hours a student takes per semester.

What happens after four years?

After four years, the Guaranteed Price Plan expires and the student pays the Traditional Price Plan in effect at that time.