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Cardinal Communities by Major


  • American Sign Language (ASL)

    Students in this community will explore ASL career opportunities as well as be paired with upper-level ASL students, to form relationships with each other and make college more enjoyable.  In break-off sessions, students will explore real life application information relating to the field of deafness and professional organizations that relate to deafness according to their specific track.


  • Art and Design in Context

    Students will be introduced to the world of visual art and design as they begin exploring at Lamar.  In order to develop as well-rounded, socially engaged citizens within both local and global contexts, members of our community will learn about opportunities within the Department of Art and Design, explore a variety of art and cultural practices in the College of Fine Arts and investigate related resources available to them on campus and in the surrounding community.  In the process, students will learn about diverse communicative, study, and socialization strategies that will enrich campus life and encourage academic success.

  • Biology and Environmental Sciences

    Students will explore campus resources geared toward the Biology and Environmental Science disciplines.  Tour the Biology Department facilities and connect with faculty, current students and professionals from these majors. Freshmen Biology and Environmental Science students will gain an edge that will contribute to their academic success.

  • Building the Future (ENGR)

    Students will be introduced to the creative and diverse sides of various fields of engineering.


  • Business

    Students will be introduced to the College of Business, its faculty, staff and administrators along with the world of business, in general.  This community gives students a behind-the-scenes look at how the College of Business operates, what its mission and goals are, and how they relate to opportunities for success both at Lamar and in students’ future careers.

  • Computer Science

    Students will gain an understanding of how computers and technology are being used to solve problems and achieve a better quality of life.  Following career paths available to college graduates, specific topics will highlight areas in high demand including mobile computing, game development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, medical image processing, real-time systems and security.


  • COMMon Connections

    Students pursuing a Communications major will receive purposeful support though information discovery sessions, movie nights, study sessions and social gatherings.


  • Criminal Justice

    Students in this Cardinal Community will explore their major and related career opportunities.  By studying and participating in community service projects together, students will create friendships that will outlast the bounds of college.  Activities that students may participate in include: Criminal Justice Student Association coordinated events, meeting representatives from law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, SWAT, and US Marshals, tour the Beaumont Police Department Museum, and various participate in various social events.


  • Freshman Psychology

    Students will explore Psychology majors and related career opportunities.  By studying together, students will build friendships that will outlast the bounds of college.  Students will network with professors from the department, professionals from the field and more advanced students.  Opportunities to participate in hands on activities and learn about future research opportunities will also be presented.


  • Nutrition for You

    Students in this community will learn about nutrition and good health; as well as career opportunities and dietetic internships. 


  • Political Science

    Students are invited to become a part of a wonderful community full of future lawyers, elected officials, and others who want to change the world.  Students will have a great time learning tips and strategies on how to become a successful Political Science major in this Cardinal Community.

  • Pre-Nursing

    Students will explore the aspects of the nursing profession and will have the opportunity to meet nurses from their chosen field.  The main goals of the pre-nursing community are to reduce stress, provide a nurturing environment and build relationships among students with a common goal of becoming a nurse.  Some of the program activities include stress and time management techniques, organization strategies, relaxation techniques, and team building exercises.

  • Social Work

    Students pursuing Social Work majors will connect with their peers, engage in community service projects, and learn the different avenues of social work.

  • Speech and Hearing

    Students joining the Speech and Hearing community will network with upper undergrad classmen, graduate students and faculty members.  They will gain the opportunity to participate in social mixers as well as Speech and Hearing service activities and gain hands-on experience.  This community will also hold sessions on college life skills and transition.


Cardinal Communities by Interest


  • Breaking World Records

    Students will attempt to break world records throughout the semester and document their progress while gaining connections with other students and learning problem solving skills through fun, hands-on activities.  Students will learn how to conduct research and make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals by working together to select what world records we want to attempt and make plans to achieve them!


  • Cardinal Content Creators

    Students in this Cardinal Community will learn the basics of video content creation.  Students will receive hands-on experience in video planning, production and editing while being involved on campus.  We will also discuss how social media plays a large role in creating modern video content.

  • Cards get Dicey

    Students in this Cardinal Community will discover that we are currently in the golden age of board games!  Connect with other gamers to beat the game itself.  Explore both classics and new age games while developing teamwork skills and connecting with peers.


  • Cards Open Mic

    Students will enjoy a safe space to explore self-expression through many different art forms including music, art & poetry.  Students will also be introduced to a variety of campus resources and offices as we help them develop grit and skills to be successful in their studies and in their prose.

  • Conspiracy Theories 101

    Students will explore a variety of conspiracy theories and their historical context.  We will look at film clips, articles, and watch movies depicting conspiracy theories, as well as have discussion about their historical context, after all who does’t love a good conspiracy?

  • Crafty Cardinals

    Students who join this community will help inspire others with easy and fun projects.  Students will build connections and school pride while learning the art of making things themselves.  We also will discuss academic challenges and strengths in a low-key environment.

  • D and D with CC
    Students will connect with their peers through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  Use the game and literature to develop creativity and communication skills. Utilizing friends, foes and magical creatures, students’ quest will be to team-build with their comrades and explore what all Lamar University has to offer.
  • First Gen

    Students who are the first-generation or first-gens are a diverse group of students.  This community is for many students: students whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree, students who are trying to navigate a large place like Lamar, students who don’t have a college-bound tradition in their families or communities, and students with limited home support for their college career.  Our goals are to help first-gen students get the most out of their experiences at Lamar, to access their  talents and weaknesses, to deal with the emotional, psychological and financial struggles of college, while creating mentors and friendships.


  • Get Your RED On!

    Students will get involved with campus pride, peer support and interact with new social groups allowing Lamar University passion to associate students more deeply with campus connections.  Learn how to get engaged with campus events and be a part of a bigger campus picture.

  • Let's Social Dance

    Students will connect to other Cardinals through dance.  Whether line dancing, partner dancing or something new, friendships will be formed while learning about Lamar University and developing collaborative skills.  Interact and step out of your comfort zone to try something new for the first time.

  • LGBTQ Cardinals and Allies

    Students who participate in this Cardinal Community will learn to be both self-aware of their own identity-construction and become active allies/advocates for the LGBTQ community on campus and in the broader community.  We will explore the social constructions of gender and sexuality from a critical perspective.  The exploration will include self-introspection and group discussion as well as hearing from guest speakers (e.g. representatives from Legacy Healthy, HRC, PFLAG, etc.). 


  • Life: A to Z

    Students in this community will learn life skills not normally taught in a classroom!  Easy recipes, budgeting, building a balanced meal and other essentials are the focus.  Students can get their college life off to a great start with essential tools to make their lives easier, healthier and more budget friendly.

  • Live to DIY

    Students within this community will build connections and school pride while learning the art of making things themselves while on a budget.  Students will develop problem solving skills and utilize their creativity.  We will discuss academic challenges and strengths in a low-key environment.


  • Living a Healthier Life

    Students in this community will find how to live a long and healthy life.  We will discuss different ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle through tips, facts, ideas, and tools for success.

  • Men of Excellence

    Students of African American/Black heritage will learn to navigate college and build academic skills. Network with fellow MOX and get connected with opportunities for personal development, career exploration, internships, integrated cultural enrichment, health and wellness, diversity and global awareness, financial literacy, and goal development.


  • Survivor on Cardinal Island

    Students within this community will focus on health and fitness at a level that is comfortable for them.  We will have discussions on healthy eating and living, supplements, different types of exercises to learn how to balance stress from academics to everyday life.  We will also participate in a fitness challenge!


  • Say No to Freshman 15

    Students will learn how to stay healthy while dealing with the pressures of their freshman year.  Combat the Freshman 15 with fun and easy exercises and healthy eating tips.  Students will participate in fitness challenges, activities that will increase campus awareness, self-defense and safety awareness training as well as stress relief activities.


  • Suspects, Weapons, Who did it?

    Students will find that all good murder mysteries are inspired by actual events.  This community will look at some of the wildest murder cases that gripped the press and kept people holding their breath to learn just “who dunnit”.  We will listen to podcasts, view film clips and explore the dark underbelly of the 19th century and see what, and more importantly who, people were willing to sacrifice to get what they wanted.


  • Social Media Branding

    Students will explore several different platforms of social media and learn their uses, benefits, and how to create a brand for themselves while using them.  Students will develop their communication skills while discovering the ins and outs of the LU way of life.

  • Success is NO Accident

    Students will develop their own personalized success plan to achieve their college and lifelong aspirations.  Through interactive group activities discussion, presentations, videos, personal testimonials and research, students will explore concepts of success and develop their own viewpoints about what success means to them and what they can do to achieve it.

  • True Crime

    Students participating in True Crime will find the community geared towards instructions of the various laws that may affect campus life.  Local law enforcement officers will be brought in to explain and demonstrate how to be safe on campus, the basics of defending yourself and how to react to situations so you don’t become a statistic.  We will also explore actual crimes and focus on tales of serial killers.

  • Unidad Scholars

    Students of Latinx heritage will be supported in their academic and social integration into college.  Network with fellow Latinx and get connected with opportunities for professional development, career exploration, internship, integrated cultural enrichment, health and wellness, diversity and global awareness, financial literacy, and goal development.

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