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Living Communities

Health/Fitness: Saying No To The Freshman 15

How to stay healthy with the pressures of your freshman year. Combat the Freshman 15 with fun and easy exercises and healthy eating tips. You will participate in fitness challenges, activities that will increase campus awareness, self-defense training, and safety awareness training as well as stress relief activities.

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology +/ Public Speaking

Self-Management/Learning: Success is No Accident!

You will develop your own personalized success plans to achieve your college and lifelong aspirations. Through interactive group activities, discussions, presentations, videos, personal testimonials and research, you will explore concepts of success and develop your own viewpoints about what success means to you and what you can do to achieve it.

Course Connections: General Psychology (Strongly Recommended) +/ Public Speaking

Get Your RED On!

This community will be about getting involved with campus pride, peer support and interacting with new social groups, allowing your Lamar University passion associate you more deeply with campus connections. You have the ability to go to athletic events for free. You will learn how to get engaged with campus events and be part of a bigger campus picture.

Course Connections: Business Communication +/ Art Appreciation

Cardinal Movie Club

This community will watch movies from all genres and generations to explore and bridge the cultural and generational differences among students and LU faculty and staff.

Course Connections: Film Appreciation +/ Public Speaking

Cardinal Careers

This community will focus on finding the right major by helping you to explore career opportunities within your degree by connecting with LU Alumni, finding potential internship opportunities, meeting LU academic departments to discuss programs and degree requirements.

Course Connections: Business Communication +/ Music Appreciation

Health / Wellness

Survivor on Cardinal Island

This community will focus on health and fitness at a level that is comfortable for you. We will have discussions on healthy eating and living, supplements, different types of exercises. We will also have a fitness challenge!

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology +/ American History I

Living a Healthier Life

Learn how to manage diabetes and high blood pressure.   This community will focus on the good, the bad and the ugly of the two conditions.

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ Music Appreciation

Staying Safe on Campus

This community will be geared towards various laws that may affect campus life. Local law enforcement officers will be brought in to explain and demonstrate how to be safe on campus, the basics of defending yourself and how to react to situations so you don’t become a statistic.

Course Connections: Intro to Criminal Justice +/ Music Appreciation


Cardinal CON-munity

Comic cons, in recent years, have evolved into more than just comic conventions, but have morphed into all things pop culture and cosplay and are all about welcoming people into one group. You will be exposed to comic con culture by meeting/Skyping with guest speakers. You also will be introduced to a “new wave” of psychologists who use fictional pop culture to explain psychology topics, such as using the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents and PTSD.

Course Connections: General Psychology (strongly recommended) +/ Composition I

Crafty Cardinals

This community will be making gifts & cooking for people in need, ex. nursing homes, homeless shelter, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, etc.

Course Connections: Composition I +/ Art Appreciation

Cardinals Together

Students will develop skills to aid them in group projects, on teams, and in organizations. Students will also be exposed to positive, and fun, experiences in group situations, through various types of team building activities.

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ Music Appreciation

Contemporary Social Issues

Stay informed and intelligent about our fluctuating social behaviors and the various actions we embrace to meet these changes. We will consider our lawmaking process and ask if we do enough or too much when it comes to legislating (or not legislating) cultural mores in American society. Topics include: healthcare, LGBTQ+ legislation, education, and religion and ideology. Students will be encouraged to present their own topics for discussion and examination.

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology +/ Philosophy of Knowledge

Live to DIY

In this CC students will build connections and school pride while learning the art of making things themselves or  “ballin’ on a budget.”

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ History I

The Great Debate

Have you ever heard or said, “the book is better?” Have you ever thought the movie was better? Students will explore and discuss a variety of books that were later developed into movies for a fun and interesting take on the Great Debate.

Course Connections: Film Appreciation +/ American History I

Reading for fun

This community is for students who love to read for fun and want to explore all different genres.

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology+/ American History II

Cards on Cam

In this CC, students will be taught how to effectively use videos to market and engage people. Students will be given hands-on experience in video making and editing.

Course Connections: Public Speaking+/ Music Appreciation

Social Cards

In this CC, students will learn the power of social media use in community management, brand growth, and cultural development. These students will be taught what it takes to create viral videos, the ethics of being an influencer, and how brands adjust to frequent changes in trends and platform algorithms.

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ American History I

Numbers Rule Your World

In this CC students will explore mathematics through fun activities such as jeopardy, debates, TedTalks, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) interactive activities, Math teasers…


Digital learning

This community will focus on Web 2.0 tools (free online technology), that will assist you in your courses with presentations, projects, and visual aids to make learning fun.

Course Connections: Microcomputer +/ Art Appreciation

Cardinals in the Digital World

Students will learn the importance of blackboard, LU email, and other online resources provided by Lamar University. Students will also engage in discussions of online ethics, controversy, and the impact of their digital footprint in this digital age.

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology +/ Art Appreciation


Professional Cardinals

This community introduces you to the soft, but important skills of life after college. Topics such as resume/cover letter writing, interviewing skills, professional dress and etiquette, networking, time/stress management skills, and how to set and achieve are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ Art Appreciation


LGBTQ Cardinals and Allies

The main goal of this Cardinal Community is for participants to be both self-aware of their own identity-construction and to become active allies/advocates for the LGBTQ community on campus and in the broader community. You will explore the social constructions of gender and sexuality from a critical perspective. The exploration will include self-introspection and group discussion as well as hearing from guest speakers (e.g. a representative from Legacy Health, HRC, PFLAG, etc.). An examination of media representations (examples provided by the community participants) would also occur.

Course Connections: History I +/ Intro to Sociology

Disability, Movies, and the Media

In this Cardinal Community students will learn how movies and the media portray people with disabilities.  The CC will watch films and have thoughtful discussions on their observations and explore other topics related to learning about different disabilities.  

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology / American History II

Unity in Diversity

This CC will explore the dimensions of diversity (Ability or Disability, Ageism, Ethnicity or Culture, Gender, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Socio-economic Status) through active participation, presentations, and open dialogue. Students will gain cultural insight and a global perspective. Student will also learn strategies to help remove barriers that prevent cultural inclusion.

Course Connections: Intro to Sociology +/ Music Appreciation


This CC will provide a forum for students who are current and prior military to meet, socialize, and discuss issues that are unique to military university students. These students will be given support, connection, and an outlet to use their leadership and experiences to help mentor others.

Course Connections: American History II +/ Music Appreciation


First-generation students or first-gens are a diverse group of students. They span racial and national identities, income levels, genders, class, sexual orientation, and religious boundaries. The Cardinal Community is for many students: 

  • students whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree
  • students who are trying to navigate a large place like Lamar
  • students who don’t have a college-bound tradition in their families or communities
  • students with limited home support for their college career. 

Our goals with this community are to help first-gen students get the most out of their experiences at Lamar, to help first-gen students assess their talents and weaknesses, to create mentors and friendships, and to help first-gen students deal with the emotional, psychological, and financial struggles of college. 

Course Connections: Public Speaking +/ Art Appreciation

Global Cards

To develop as world citizens, members of this Cardinal Community will explore a variety of international issues and cultures. The main goal of this community is to improve global competency and acquire diverse communicative strategies. Students will explore linguistic and ethnic diversity, and will analyze, compare, contrast, and reflect on products, practices, and/or perspectives across world cultures and their own.

Course Connections: Honors Intro to Psych+/ Sociology


Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is an outdoor experiential learning program coordinated by the National Collegiate Honors Council. PITP projects at national parks across the country offer unique opportunities for collegiate honors students and faculty to visit areas of the American landscape noted for their beauty, significance and lasting value.

Course Connection: Honors English Composition +/ Honors Environmental Science 


Students will explore on-campus resources directed toward Engineering. Students will tour facilities and labs and will connect with faculty to learn about undergraduate research opportunities. This community will also cover the Honors College Handbook to assure students are meeting Honors requirements.

Course Connections: Honors Chemistry  +/ Honors Calculus

Global Cards

To develop as world citizens, members of this Cardinal Community will explore a variety of international issues and cultures. The main goal of this community is to improve global competency and acquire diverse communicative strategies. Students will explore linguistic and ethnic diversity, and will analyze, compare, contrast, and reflect on products, practices, and/or perspectives across world cultures and their own.

Course Connections: Honors Intro to Psych+/ Sociology

Cardinal Communities by Major


Arts and Sciences

Biology and Environmental Science

You will explore campus resources geared toward Biology and Environmental Science Students. Tour the Biology Department facilities and connect with faculty, current students and professionals from their major. This will give an edge to a class of freshmen and contribute to your academic success.

Course Connection: General Biology I 

Computer Science

You will gain an understanding of how computers and technology are being used to solve problems and achieve a better quality of life for everyone on earth. Following career paths available to college graduates, specific topics will highlight areas in high demand including mobile computing, game development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, medical image processing, real-time systems and security.

Course Connections: Programming Fund I +/ Think, Speak, Write +/ Programming Lab

Criminal Justice

You will explore your major and related career opportunities. You will study together, do community service together, and create friendships that will outlast the bounds of college. Here are some activities that you will participate in: Meet representatives from law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service, SWAT, and US marshals, Tour the Beaumont Police Department & Museum, CJSA coordinated events such as going to the shooting. Students will also participate in social events (paintball…)

Course Connections: Intro to Criminal Justice 



The main goals of the pre-nursing community is to reduce stress, provide a nurturing environment, and build relationships among students with a common goal of becoming a nurse. Some of the program activities include stress and time management techniques, organization strategies, relaxation techniques, team building exercises. You will also explore aspects of the nursing profession that you are interested in and will have the opportunity to meet nurses from your chosen field.

Course Connections: Nutrition & Diet +/ Anatomy I

Freshman Psychology

Students will explore their major and related career opportunities. Students will study together, and create friendships that will outlast the bounds of college. Students will network with professors from the department, professionals from the field and more advanced students. Students will participate in hands on activities and also learn about future research opportunities.

Course Connections: General Psychology +/ Music Appreciation


Freshman Business

This CC Freshman introduces Lamar University Freshman Business Majors to the college of business, its faculty, staff, and administrators, and to the world of business, in general. This community gives students a behind-the-scenes look at how the College of Business operates, what its mission and goals are, and how they relate to your opportunities to succeed both at Lamar and in your future careers.

Course Connections: Business Envir & Public Policy +/ Intro Business Technology 


Building the Future

Introduction of engineering fields to students so that they can experience the creative and diverse side of engineering and gain more interest in engineering.

Course Connections: Business Comm +/ American History II

Chemical Engineering Honors

You will explore on-campus resources directed toward Chemistry and Engineering. Tour facilities and labs and connect with faculty to learn about undergraduate research opportunities. This community will also cover the Honors College Handbook to assure you are meeting Honors requirements.

Course Connections: General Chemistry I +/ Calculus 

Origami Engineering

Students will enjoy fun practical challenges with origami and other fun to do activities that will sharpen their engineering skills including design, planning, construction, and team work. Students will also contact student chapters of engineering professional societies and will participate with them in diverse social activities.

Course Connections: MATH0372 + Pre-Calculus 

Education and Human Development

Dietetics / Nutrition

This community will provide an edge to major students. You will have the opportunity to explore meet with interns and professors within the department. This community will reduce stress by helping relieve of accomplishing the volunteer hours for their degree plan by providing opportunities to volunteer as a group. You will also familiarize yourself with the process to qualify for internship opportunities.

Course Connection: Nutrition & Diet 


In this CC students will be able to build friendships and interact with freshmen students who are interested in pursuing a teaching certification at any level (elementary or secondary). Students will explore the possible paths to becoming a teacher, discuss current issues/events in education and teaching, and watch teaching-related documentaries and movies, as well as other activities based on student interest.

Course Connections: Public Speaking+/ Music Appreciation 



This community will introduce and expand knowledge relating to Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sport Areas benefiting majors. Current and Relevant issues surrounding physical education and sport will be discussed and other student activities completed.

Course Connection: Intro to Physical Education

Fine Arts and Communication

American Sign Language

Incoming Freshmen would join a community of more advanced ASL majors (SO, JR, SR). The community uses a buddy system and pairs incoming freshmen with upper-level students, so you can form relationships with each other and make college more enjoyable. You will also explore career opportunities. In break off sessions, you will explore real life application information relating to the field of deafness and professional organizations that relate to deafness according to their specific track.

Course Connection: ASL I 

COMMon Connections

This community will provide purposeful support to the freshmen communication students through information discovery sessions, movie nights, study sessions and social gatherings.

Course Connection: Interpersonal Communication 

Fine Arts

The CC is dedicated the pursuit of creative expression. It offers an excellent opportunity for students in Art, Music, Dance & Theatre to learn from one another, collaborate, and live in a supportive environment. This CC strives to meet each student’s needs and interests through innovative programs and outside interaction with professors.

Course Connection: Contemporary Math 


Speech and Hearing

Major students will join the Speech and Hearing community to network with upper undergrad classmen, graduate students and faculty members. You will gain the opportunity to participate in social mixers as well as in Speech and Hearing service activities and gain hands-on experience. The community will also hold sessions on college life skills and transition.

Course Connections: Intro Speech Lang Disorders +/ Theoretical Bases of Language