Meet the Success Team

Success Partners

Success Partners meet one-on-one with students in a structured, collaborative environment to assist students with developing strategies for college success. They are dedicated Lamar University students who aspire to help their fellow peers realize and achieve their goals.



 Success Partner Joya

Senior Success Partner
I love being a Success Partner because I love people, and I enjoy helping people become the best they can be - both academically and personally.


Success Partner Emmalee

Senior Success Partner
I am excited to help students grow comfortable in the college environment. Strong learning and organizational skills are so important to succeed at Lamar University, and as a Success Partner, I am able to help students strive to reach their goals!


 Success Partner Rebekah

Success Partner
I love learning from others in my job. There's always someone who has a different perspective, and collaborating together using those differences is what makes working with students (and my co-workers) so awesome.


 Success Partner Sakurah

Success Partner
Being a Success Partner is a rewarding opportunity for me to assist students while they are growing as learners. I enjoy seeing the progress of students I meet and watching them develop further both academically and personally.


 Success Partner Omar

Success Partner
As a Success Partner, I am able to do what I love most - help others achieve their goals that others told them were unachievable! To be a part of another student's journey is priceless, as Success Partners and students at LU succeed together.


 Success Partner Emily

Success Partner
Being a Success Partner is one of the best things I could have done for myself and for others at LU. I love being around people who want to succeed. College is a time for accountability and growth; when I have helped another student reach their goal, it is pure teamwork.


Success Partner Casey

Success Partner
It is amazing to see people grow and develop both as people and as students. As a Success Partner, I get to be a part of that process!


Success Partner Meagan

Success Partner
I love my job because I have a passion for assisting students while they navigate college and helping them overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. My aim is to help students turn their aspirations into a reality and to unlock their true potential.


Success Partner Brody

Success Partner
Everyone deserves to receive the tools to succeed, and as a Success Partner, I am able to be a part of that process. Helping students learn and grow is my goal, and this program allows me to develop these skills myself, while simultaneously helping others.


Success Partner Donna

Success Partner
I love LU because of the amazing opportunities that the camps has and the people within it. As a Success Partner, I want to introduce students to this campus and help students grow!


 Success Partner Kara

Success Partner
I am excited to be a Success Partner because I love working with people and seeing them progress. It is wonderful to have a chance to play a part in that progress!


Success Partner Luke
Success Partner
One of my favorite things in life is to see people succeed and reach their goals and to personally help them do so. I also love every aspect of Lamar University, and this is one way I can give back to LU and it’s people.


Success Partner Sydney

Success Partner
Being a Success Partner gives me the opportunity to help students excel in college through study habits, goals, and balancing school with personal life. The most rewarding part is seeing people do what they thought was impossible and knowing that I was a part of that success.

Office Staff

The LU Success office staff consists of the program coordinator, the student coordinator, and the front desk assistant. Our student coordinator and front desk assistant are the first faces students will see when they walk into the office and help students with scheduling and checking-in for appointments.

Ms. Kelly Williams

Coordinator Kelly

LU Success Coordinator
Every member of the LU Success team is here because they have a passion for helping others. We enjoy seeing students develop new skills that help them reach their academic goals.


Student Coordinator Katie

Student Coordinator
The LU Success program is perfectly named because it is just that. It is a program designed to give students the tools and skills they need to be successful at LU. These tools and skills can be applied not only to a student's academic life, but to other aspects in their life as well.


Success Partner Nicolette

Front Desk Assistant
I love LU Success because of the way it brings people together. The Success Partners care about everyone they come in contact with. I can't wait to keep helping others through this incredible program!