Workshop Schedule

Fall 2018 REDtalks Schedule


Critical Think in the Era of Fake News

With information traveling so quickly and in such large quantities online, it may sometimes be difficult to determine the good from the bad. This task is even more difficult given the recent influx of "fake news" and misinformation in the aftermath of major events or targeting specific groups, individuals or ideologies. This REDtalk will demonstrate how to identify and fight against misinformation encountered in social media and other online environments. Following the session, you will be able to define fake news; how and why it spreads; identify its characteristics and environments; and develop tactics for reading information critically and combating misinformation.

Presenter: Mr. Michael Saar, Associate Professor; Interim Library Instruction Coordinator
When: Thursday, November 15, 4:00-4:45 pm
Where: Library, 6th floor


Fear and Loathing in Higher Education

College, like any major life transition, creates a complex soup of emotions for most people; excitement, but also fear and self-doubt. In this REDtalk, learn techniques to short-circuit the cycle of anxiety, avoidance, and failure and replace it with success and confidence.

Presenter: Dr. Amy Smith, Associate Professor of English; Director of Faculty Development
When: Wednesday, November 28, 3:00-3:45 pm
Where: Library, 6th floor