Workshop Schedule

Fall 2019 REDtalks Schedule

All REDtalks will be in the Mary & John Gray Library on the 6th Floor. Snacks will be also be provided at all REDtalks! Open to all students, staff and faculty. 


Adulting 101

Presenter: Ms. Pamela Comer

Tuesday, October 1st @2pm 

Finding you have more freedom than ever along with a pile of responsibility can prove to be a daunting challenge! Helpful tips to take control of your finances, make a fresh start with healthy habits, make new friends, live the life you really want will be shared at this workshop.

Grateful for Gratitude

Presenter: Dr. Nechele McClinton

Wednesday, October 16th @2pm

Gratitude is a feeling and action that leaves everyone it surrounds in a better space mentally and emotionally. At this presentation you will learn why and how this simple act has been shown to be beneficial to the masses!

Using Advertising Techniques to Prepare and Promote Your Career

Presenter: Dr. Qingjiang Yao

Tuesday, October 29th @2pm

Did you know that even your name can help you or hinder your progress to success? In the age of information explosion and industry specialization, How can you cultivate your expertise and convey the message about your expertise effectively to the market? The influential advertising theory, positioning, which has been tested with many strategic campaigns, can also help you.

How Health and Wellness Impacts Success

Presenter: Ms. Marie Murray

Thursday, November 7th @3pm

This presentation will cover the major health issues that affect college students today and how they impact their academic success. Topics will includes sleep, mental health, and alcohol & drug use.

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

Presenter: Dr. Ashley Dockens

Thursday, November 14th @1pm

Overcoming fear and obstacles through lifelong learning, passionate living, and following your gut. Surprise yourself by trying and finding that you can do well. This REDtalk will introduce students and faculty ideas to break molds, try new things, and acceptance of failure.