About Us

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Lamar University's Student Tutoring And Retention (STAR) Services is to provide educational resources to assist students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional goals. Through a positive and supportive environment and partnerships between staff and students, we empower learners to cultivate their skills, strategies, and behaviors to become successful lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

The STAR Services vision is to be a highly collaborative and creative department that offers support services that are both based on national best practices and the needs of our dynamic student body that will help them graduate from Lamar University.

Values Statement

STAR Services is committed to providing quality academic support to a diverse group of learners. Our core values are:

  • Acceptance- We appreciate diversity and practice including all
  • Respect- We value others and regard them with consideration
  • Continuous Improvement- We embrace new knowledge and recognize that learning is endless
  • Integrity- We adhere to Lamar University’s policies and procedures and are committed to honesty, fairness, professionalism, and trustworthiness
  • Positivity- We believe in our services and the potential of all students to reach their goals
  • Teamwork- We understand that every member of our team brings a unique perspective that is necessary in our department’s success