Student Profile - Ryan Sherer

Political aspirations propel LU's Ryan Sherer

Ryan ShererBusiness management major Ryan Sherer has been propelled in his academics and career by one singular, all consuming dream since young childhood.

One day, he hopes to become the president of the United States.

“My dream job, ever since I was a young child, has been to become president of the United States. Unlike most people who move on to other ambitions as they grow older, mine has remained the exact same, if not strengthened,” Sherer said. “I obviously am unable to run until much later in life, so I've chosen to pursue my interests by aiming for a career in corporate law in the meantime, which Lamar is preparing me well for.”

The Nederland junior was one of only two students from Lamar University to be chosen to attend the Republican National Convention and its surrounding activities in Cleveland July 10-22. He and junior Victoria LaFleur will partake in an academic seminar put on by the Washington Center, an organization which aims to “provide students with transformational experiences that foster academic and professional achievement, leadership and civic engagement” according to their mission statement.

“I am incredibly honored to be a part of what will undoubtedly be a momentous convention with such a wonderful academic program. When I was selected, it took everything in me not to just totally freak out,” Sherer joked. “Going to a Republican National Convention has been a dream of mine for years, so I am very thankful for the opportunity that the Reaud Honors College has given me.”

Amid a controversial election cycle, he feels he will witness history in the making at the convention.

“Republicans are set to nominate, for the first time, a man who is neither politician nor general,” Sherer said. “It’s historic, and regardless of one’s views, it will make for an interesting convention.”

During the seminar, staff members place students with various political organizations, media outlets, interest groups, welcome committees and security services to complete a short fieldwork internship in their preferred area.

Ryan ShererSherer hopes to work with a state delegation, preferably that of Texas, during his fieldwork portion of the seminar. He also hopes to network and gain more applicable knowledge in the field of politics by working with a state delegation.

“I hope to gain an even greater understanding of the field of politics and connections that will last me a lifetime. As I hope to run for future office, I am confident that these connections will come in handy,” he said. He looks forward to representing LU and to bringing experiences gained in the Washington Center’s program to encourage other to become involved in the political process.

Sherer believes every person in the United States, regardless of partisanship, should become more involved in government to see the society they wish for—especially young people.

“The average college student should care about politics simply because we effectively hold the power as a generation to affect our country's future for years to come,” he said. “According to Pew, the millennial generation is now our nation’s largest. If we actually became politically involved, we would have the power to completely change this country. That's the beauty of it: we have the freedom to vote as we please and participate as we please. If you don't like the system in place, run for office to change it or elect someone who will.”

As for leadership roles on campus and off, Sherer cites good leadership as the greatest way to affect change in society.

“Leadership roles, even at the smallest level, give you a direct chance to influence whomever you are leading,” he said. “When you learn to lead correctly, you bring about positive change. We can even witness this in action with President Evans’ efforts to better our school.”

While at Lamar, Sherer has filled leadership positions and participated in numerous campus organizations, including the Student Government Association, Lamar College Republicans, Beta Gamma Sigma, Reaud Honors College and Honors Student Association, College of Business Dean's Advisory Council, Lamar Ambassadors, Cardinals for Christ and the Campus Church. He is also the recipient of the Cardinal Scholarship, Kip Glasscock Scholarship in Business and the Gilbert T. Adams, Sr. Presidential Scholarship. He plans to attend law school.

“Getting involved has contributed significantly to my education. For example, my involvement in student government has given me knowledge about how a legislative branch can work, which will be handy for a future in politics,” he said. “My involvement with College Republicans and Ambassadors have given me excellent connections and skills. Plus, they’ve all been a lot of fun.”

In his free time, Sherer enjoys reading the news, working with student organizations, hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing on his computer. He says he is proud to be a Lamar Cardinal.

“Lamar is special in every capacity. It has given me the chance to excel in ways that I may not have been able to elsewhere, and it has provided me with so many friends, experiences and life lessons. I'm eternally grateful for that.”