Student Profile - Drew Anderson

Exercise science major Drew Anderson sets sights on medical school

Drew AndersonDrew Anderson has set the bar high ever since the fifth grade, deciding then and there that he would graduate valedictorian. Years later, Drew realized his dream. Now, he is a sophomore at LU, working his way to a degree in exercise science/fitness management.

The 19-year-old Kountze native has always strived to be on top, whether scoring A’s or playing tennis with his club team.

“I am the most competitive person that I know,” Anderson said. “I love winning at everything. In and out of the classroom, I work extremely hard at everything I do, as I try to be the best.”

After graduating from LU, Anderson plans to attend medical school then pursue a career in sports medicine. His dream job, he says, is to be a sports doctor contracted to work with a professional sports team.

For now, Anderson is more than content with his studies. He plans to minor in chemistry and is considering a concentration in Pre-med.

“I originally considered majoring in biology, but I love learning about the body, exercise and the effects of physical activity … so I chose exercise science,” he said.

“I get to learn how the body reacts to certain stressful situations, and the effects of different activities on the body. I love sports, and this degree is highly compatible with sports, which puts me in a good position to learn basic knowledge I might use as a sports medicine physician.”

Drew AndersonWhen Anderson began looking at colleges, he considered other Texas universities, but he chose Lamar University for its strong science programs to prepare him for med school, its proximity to his home, and the generous Southeast Texas Legends scholarship and the Cardinal scholarship he received.

After getting involved at LU, Anderson is happy with his decision.

“Through the close-knit community that Lamar offers, I have made a lot of new friends from my classes and extracurricular activities.  And a lot of the people I have met share the same goals as I do, so we have formed a great support system for each other,” he said. “I owe my success in part to my scholarship and the support of the Beaumont Foundation of America, for which I am extremely grateful.”

The Southeast Texas Legends scholarship is supported by the Beaumont Foundation of America in honor of past and present upstanding citizens of Southeast Texas.

“You get to meet many great people through these scholarships, and the people really care about your progress throughout college. They check up on you during the semester and are truly some of the best people anyone could have the pleasure of knowing,” Anderson says.

Grateful for all the help he’s received during his education, Anderson plans to give back in a variety of ways.

“I definitely plan on doing cancer research, because I have many members of my family that have suffered or continue to suffer from this terrible disease. Also, I plan on promoting physical activity and higher education. Physical inactivity is a worldwide epidemic, but it is an extreme problem in America. I plan on tackling this problem in the near future,” Anderson explains.

“After I graduate and become a doctor, I plan on giving back to Lamar and the southeast Texas community through scholarships, especially for students seeking a medical profession,” he adds.

Anderson is involved on campus in the American medical Student Association and the Honor’s Student Association. He will graduate in May 2018.