Lamar University International Student Opportunities

Lamar University International student clubs and opportunities

International students at Lamar have a unique opportunity to share their culture with faculty, staff and fellow Lamar University students. Whether joining with other international students in one of our 11 internationally-focused clubs or by joining an athletic, professional or mutual interest society, international students are encouraged to engage in campus life. Students also have the option to seek a concentration involving international relations, such as an International Business Support concentration. The majority of international students live within walking distance from campus, so whether you live on or off campus, a friend from your home country is never far away.

Lamar University International student and chemical engineering major

At Lamar, I am receiving more than just an education; I’m getting a chance to experience the world. There are students from over 50 countries here, and I have the opportunity to meet them and be a part of their world and share my own with them. There is always something to do at Lamar; there are sports, leadership or self-developmental programs, cultural events, volunteering opportunities, and even entertainment of every kind. Since I’ve been at Lamar University, I learned how to grow outside of my box and what it takes to become a successful leader for tomorrow.

Suzette Pierre, Trinidad and Tobago
Mechanical Engineering

Lamar University International student and mechanical engineering major

I have made very good friends from India, Taiwan, Venezuela, Mexico and many other countries. The friendship is really nice because international students usually are afraid of what they are going to find in another country and what I have seen is that communities help each other. I have learned a lot about the Indian and Chinese communities and even though I am not from India or China I feel I am a part of their communities, it is a very nice experience.

Wilson Santamaria, El Salvador
Chemical Engineering