Dr. Bahrim

The STAIRSTEP team in physics is led by Dr. Cristian Bahrim. 

Get a list of current and past physics STAIRSTEP team members. To apply download an application and return the completed application by email or to Dr. Bahrim at campus mail #10046.


Physics Research

Physics STAIRSTEP students led by Dr. C. Bahrim can acquire hands-on experience in studies of various optical phenomena and applications of modern optics and photonics. A computer-based procedure for the data acquisition and processing is used. Theoretical studies of selected topics in modern physics with applications in technology are included.


Our STAIRSTEP students are involved in various on-campus and out-of-campus activities with the goal of sharing their knowledge with younger students. Research seminar, career forums, and road shows allow the STAIRSTEP students to enrich the basic formation as physicists.

Sally Ride Festival Career Forum

(left to right)
Sally Ride Festive, Feb. 28, 2009Career Forum, May 21, 2009



  • Publications in peer-review journals, co-signed with students from Lamar U.
  • Participation to conferences with students from Lamar U.
  • Contributions to physics education books/journals while at Lamar U.