Dr. Jennifer Daniel

The director of STAIRSTEP Dr. Jennifer Daniel is leading the mathematics branch
( Visit Dr. Daniel's departmental page.)
Please download a STAIRSTEP application and send it to Dr. Daniel (or campus mail #10031) to apply.

Mathematics Stairstep Team Members

The Mathematics STAIRSTEP team members for Spring 2011 includes Bryan Deagle, Lucas Castle, Katie Bryant, Milagro Egenou, and Brice Perez. Also pictured is graduate student, Jillian Hamilton, who tutors the STAIRSTEP team. We are always looking to include more students.



The Mathematics STAIRSTEP team performs research under the direction of Co-PI Jennifer Daniel has been involved in investigating the properties of the G-graph of a group. Given a group G with generating set S, the G- graph, ⌈(G,S), is defined by using cyclic subgroups, cosets, and set intersections. The STAIRSTEP students study the graph theoretic properties of ⌈(G,S) and the interplay between the group theoretic properties of G and the choice of generating set S. Research questions that the team has investigated so far include determining the diameter and girth of ⌈(G,S) and using paths in the graph to factor a group element into a product of generators.


Mathematics STAIRSTEP outreach students began their research experience by working through a short packet of background material provided by the faculty mentor. They then began drawing the graphs given a certain group and generating set. The team also began learning LaTeX, a mathematical document preparation system. Our STAIRSTEP students have also participated in the three-week Lamar Achievement in Mathematics Program (LAMP) June 22 through July 10.