The Chemistry department participated in STAIRSTEP from 2009 to 2013. STAIRSTEP students conducted research with Dr. Martin investigating the behavior of folic acid and the resulting products resulting from exposure to light. They perform both laboratory experiments as well as theoretical calculations.

Computer Science

STAIRSTEP students perform research in teams under the direction of Professor Doerschuk. Research areas include robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Earth and Space Science

The Earth and Space Sciences participated in STAIRSTEP from 2009 to 2013. Research areas included collecting high-water marks on trees left by the storm surge from Hurricane Ike, determining locations for earthquake seismometers, and creating virtual geology field trips using GIS.


STAIRSTEP students study the graph theoretic properties of ⌈(G,S) and the interplay between the group theoretic properties of G and the choice of generating set S. Research questions that the team has investigated so far include determining the diameter and girth of ⌈(G,S) and using paths in the graph to factor a group element into a product of generators.


STAIRSTEP students can acquire hands-on experience in studies of various optical phenomena and applications of modern optics and photonics. Theoretical studies of selected topics in modern physics with applications in technology are also included.


Dr. Matthew P. Hoch currently leads the Biology and Environmental Science (B&ES) STAIRSTEP Team which began in January 2016.