Article IX - Committees

Section 1. Membership

With the exception of Staff Council Officers, all Staff Council representatives shall serve on at least one standing committee. 

  1. Each committee shall be comprised of at least five (5) members, with the exception of the Ad Hoc, Special, and Ethics and Governance Committees which shall be comprised of five (5) Council members.
  2. Staff Council members shall serve on a minimum of one (1) committee of their choosing.  
    Members may also volunteer to serve on additional committees if they so choose.
  3. Staff Council members shall volunteer to chair/co-chair a committee or the committee may elect a chair and co-chair.
  4. The Past President’s position serves as ex-officio, therefore that position is eligible to serve and/or chair committees.
  5. The Nominations Committee shall distribute committee sign-up forms to Council members and provide a listing of committee chair/co-chairs and members by the September Staff Council monthly meeting.

The term of a committee member shall be for one (1) year. A committee member may choose to serve on the same committee(s) the following year.

Section 2. Meetings

Each committee shall meet once a month. Additional meetings may be called by the Staff Council President, or upon request of the chair/co-chair or a committee member.  If a committee does not have business, they shall be waived from meeting monthly.

Section 3. Expectations

The Staff Council standing committees shall accept business items recommended or assigned to the committee by the Staff Council Officers and/or Staff Council members.

Committees shall address the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner and may create subcommittees to study specific issues, make recommendations, and refer items as necessary.

Standing committees have the authority to request, of the Staff Council Officers, the appointment of an ad hoc committee for special business under their jurisdiction.

Committee chairs shall report current committee business to Staff Council at each monthly meeting. Chairs shall prepare and submit a complete written annual report, regarding the work of the committee, to the Council President and Secretary by the September Council monthly meeting.

Section 4. Standing Committees

Staff Council standing committees shall be the Activities and Events, Communication and Outreach, Nominations, and Operational Support Committees.  All committee activities and recommendations are subject to approval by Staff Council.

A.  Activities and Events Committee

    1. Community Service 
      To encourage volunteerism among Staff Council and organize charitable events for Council involvement.  Community Service Committee shall work to engage the Council and University staff in community-service efforts.

      Expectations and Procedures 
      1. To plan, organize, and implement Council participation in various university and Council events such as Cancer Awareness fundraisers and events, March of Dimes and Meals on Wheels fundraisers, Homecoming, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Christmas projects, and other activities Staff Council participates. 
    2. Staff Awards Ceremony 
      To organize the annual Staff Awards Ceremony.  

      Expectations and Procedures 
      1. Plan and organize the annual Staff Awards Ceremony each year.
      2. Create committee timeline for duties and assignments.
      3. Determine a location, date, and time for the event and confirm University Executives will be attending.
      4. Request a list of service years for staff employees from Human Resources and Chartwells.
      5. Send campus email, to staff, requesting verification of service award and preferred name for the award.
      6. Send Punchbowl ceremony invite campus-wide and request Punchbowl RSVP to create and print award recipient nametags.
      7. Request quotes for the following: lapel pins, certificates and programs, frames, Distinguished Staff Awards and certificates, and food. Secure photographer, LU Mascot, and LU backdrop.
      8. Distribute Distinguished Staff Award Nominations and collect and score nominations to determine award recipients.
      9. Schedule rehearsals and walk through before the ceremony. Schedule volunteers to frame certificates.
      10. Secure committee volunteers to help with duties the day of the ceremony. 
      11. Posthumous Service Award, Lamar or Staff Council Service, shall be awarded to the honoree’s family at the Staff Awards Ceremony. By request, Human Resources can provide the honoree’s next of kin’s contact information for the invitation. In the event the honoree’s family is not available to receive the award, a designee may accept the award on their behalf.
    3. Staff Social Events 
      Plan and coordinate special events incorporating business and/or social activities to foster staff networking and promote unity among Staff Council and University staff.

      Expectations and Procedures 
      1. Organize campus events that will allow Staff Council to show their support of staff.
      2. Organize network opportunities among staff and Staff Council.
    4. Student Success 
      Organize and/or volunteer to help with student related activities to show support of students from Staff Council. And focus on improving shared concerns that directly contribute to student success and engagement.

      Expectations and Procedures 
      1. Fall Welcome
      2. Homecoming
      3. Spring Event

B. Communication and Outreach Committee

      1. Technology 
        In working with all Staff Council committees, communicate activities, events, and projects related to or sponsored by Staff Council.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Newsletter
        2. Announcements
        3. Website
        4. Marketing
        5. Publications
      2. Staff Relations 
        Promote a safe and healthy working environment and foster communication among staff and Staff Council.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Safety
        2. Health and Wellness
        3. Environmental
        4. Mentorship
        5. Town Hall Meetings

C. Nominations Committee

      1. Nominations 
        To solicit candidates for membership vacancies on Staff Council, Staff Council Officers; and to carry out elections in accordance with Council Bylaws. Establish operating procedures for the nomination and election of members to the Council.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Request staff employee listing from Human Resources including hiring dates and update University
          division and/or department representation.
        2. Prepare and distribute nomination forms to each division and/or department.
        3. Tally nomination results and prepare any run-off election forms.
        4. Announce Staff Council membership results at the July Council monthly meeting.
        5. Prepare and distribute officer nominations in July.
        6. Create a ballot of officer candidates to distribute, vote, tally, and announce results at the August Council monthly meeting.
        7. Tally votes and announce results at the August meeting.
        8. Procedures are subject to approval by a quorum vote of the Council.
        9. The chair/co-chair and members shall not be a candidate for officer elections. 
          Results of the nominations and elections shall be given to the Staff Council Secretary.
      2. Nominations Drive 
        In working with the Communications and Outreach Committee, create Staff Council recruitment materials.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Create Staff Council marketing and promotional materials to disseminate during the annual nominations drive.
        2. Generate announcements and publications for use in promoting Staff Council during the nominations process.

D. Operational Support Committee

      1. Bylaws 
        To review, make recommendations and facilitate discussion regarding Bylaw revisions and policy statements. Act as parliamentary advisory in order to maintain productive Staff Council meetings.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Review Bylaws and recommend amendments that are appropriate and consistent with current Bylaws, with support from Staff Council.
        2. Monitor the adherence to the Bylaws and conduct amendment procedures.
        3. Upon ratification of an amendment to the Bylaws, a link to the revised version shall be distributed to all Staff Council members within one month.
      2. Issues 
        Identify and investigate concerns, issues, and improvements affecting University staff.

        Expectations and Procedures 
        1. Research staff issues affecting overall work environment.
        2. Make recommendations to Staff Council for action and resolution.

Section 5. Ad Hoc and Special Committees

  1. Staff Council Ad Hoc and Special Committees shall be appointed by the Staff Council Officers at the request of a Council officer, committee chair, or Council members.  Such committees shall be created as needs arise or for special business within a standing committee’s jurisdiction, to review and address specific issues.

    1. Each ad hoc and special committee shall have at least five (5) members.
    2. Ad hoc and special committees shall elect a chair/co-chair; accept the issue(s) assigned to the committee; address the issue(s) in a responsible and timely manner; present updates of committee activities and give a final report of recommendations.
    3. The life of the committee will be determined by the matter under consideration and the committee shall be dissolved once the charge has been completed.

Section 6. Ethics and Governance Committee