Article II - Staff Council Eligibility, Representation and Expectations

Section 1. Eligibility 

  1. Permanent (benefits eligible) staff employees below the rank of Vice President shall be eligible for membership to the Staff Council if they have completed one year of full-time employment at Lamar University prior to assuming membership.
  2. A staff employee that has not met the minimum requirement for membership, may be eligible to serve on Staff Council in a limited capacity and without voting privileges. Membership is subject to approval by the Nominations Committee.

 Section 2. Staff Council Representation

  1. The Council will consist of representation for each division and/or department in the University.
  2. Representation shall be determined based on the most current staff employee listing provided by Human Resources for the month preceding the nomination call.
  3. Newly created divisions and/or departments, created after a term begins, will be incorporated into an existing represented group for the remainder of the term.

 Section 3. Division Population Reviewed

  1. In May, the Nominations Committee will request a current staff employee listing from Human Resources. This list will consist of the staff employees’ name, division/department, hire date, and email. 
  2. This list shall guide the Nominations Committee in determining the number of representatives allowed for each division and/or departments. It is the responsibility of the Nominations Committee to complete this process prior to annual nominations.
  3. Eligibility for nominations shall be determined based on hire dates as of May 1st of the current year.

 Section 4. Membership Term

  1. Members of Staff Council shall be elected for a three-year term.
  2. The terms shall be staggered (one-third being elected each year).
  3. The terms shall be effective the first day of September and end the last day of August of the third year.
  4. A Council member whose division and/ or department changes during their term will serve under the original area until the next nomination process.

 Section 5. Staff Council Member Expectations and Responsibilities

  1. Members shall represent Staff Council and advocate for all staff.
  2. Members shall maintain a professional code of personal conduct, behavior, and demeanor when representing Staff Council.
  3. Members shall attend all Staff Council monthly meetings.
  4. Members shall serve on, a minimum, one standing committee.
  5. Members shall be available to the staff in their represented areas to hear concerns, receive suggestions and information concerning staff, and communicate Staff Council work and matters that the administration has shared to the Council.
  6. Staff Council members shall be responsible for distributing monthly meeting minutes to their represented area.
  7. Members shall be allowed an allotted time to devote to Staff Council meetings and committee work as part of their normal work duties, per University President.

 Section 6. Absences

  1. Any Staff Council member that has three (3) unexcused absences from regular and/or special called Staff Council meetings during the year shall be removed.
  2. An email shall be sent to the Council member from the Nominations Committee Chair, after two (2) absences, reminding them of the attendance policy.
  3. Upon the third absence, the Nominations Committee Chair will send an email advising them of their removal from Staff Council.
  4. Nominations may be called for the vacancy.
  5. Any Council member removed from Staff Council, due to absences, may appeal the ruling within one (1) month from date of removal by contacting the Nominations Committee Chair.
  6. If the action of removal stands, this member will not be eligible for re-nomination to Staff Council for one (1) year.

 Section 7. Vacancies

  1. Vacancies shall be filled by special elections called by the Nominations Committee following the same procedures as outlined in Article III, Section 3.