Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Gladys City creates remarkable encounters, a deep connection and appreciation for the Spindletop story to diverse audiences of all ages and all interests.

Our Vision

We embody the wildcatter spirit as we steward Gladys City today
and invest in its viability and strengthen its relevance for the future.

Strategic Framework to Achieve Our Mission & Vision

Embody the Wildcatter Spirit
- Plan boldly, ambitiously and strategically based upon relevant data, effective assessment
  and trends in the museum field.
- Provide for the ongoing professional development of staff and volunteers to bolster
  leadership, resourcefulness and creativity.
- Recognize and celebrate our success as individuals and as a team.

Steward Gladys City Today
- Preserve and protect the buildings and other structures of Gladys City as primary
  components of our ability to provide remarkable encounters with the Spindletop
- Produce quality interpretive materials and programs based on scholarly research, sound
  learning theory and accepted interpretive standards.
- Develop and implement professional collections management and preventive conservation
  procedures to govern the acquisition, care, storage and use of artifacts and objects.

Invest in Gladys City’s Viability for the Future
- Intensify efforts to secure adequate financial resources through multiple strategies
  and approaches.
- Implement administrative policies and procedures in accordance with Lamar University
  and TSUS that provide for the efficient, ethical and effective operation and management
  of the museum.
- Cultivate a diverse, professional and committed team of paid staff and volunteers
  adequate to achieving our mission and vision.

Strengthen Gladys City’s Relevance for the Future
- Promote effective communication and engagement with Lamar University students,
  faculty and staff toward mutually beneficial ends.
- Capitalize on both traditional and digital media as well as emerging technologies that
  best serve to engage with audiences and promote Gladys City.
- Nurture enduring relationships with friends, advocates and colleagues of Gladys City.