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What is Spindletop?

Bootmtown Gusher

If one had asked a Beaumont on January 1, 1901, what big news of recent months had most interested him, he would have said the great Galveston hurricane of September 8, or the dawning of a new century. If one had asked him on January 10, he would have said the great gusher at Spindletop - a salt dome about three miles south of Beaumont. Dubbed "The Lucas Gusher," the oil discovery on Spindletop Hill changed the economy of Texas and helped to usher in the petroleum age.


Lucas Gusher Re-enactment Schedule

The Lucas Gusher gave up its riches for nine days before Anthony Lucas and the Hamill brothers could get the well under control. We re-create the gusher using water and only run it for about 2 minutes. But it is always fun to watch how high the water will blow and what direction the spray will take. It is always free to enjoy the gusher re-enactment. Regular admission fees apply to museum entrance.



The Gusher is not working right now. We are getting it fixed. Have patience with us! We will have a new schedule here as soon as we can!


Lucas Gusher Re-Enactment

June 18 - Jazz and Wine

6 pm - 8 pm

$10 for non-members, Free for members


June 26 - Beaumont ARRL Field Day

12 pm - 5 pm

Regular Admission


July 17 - Opening of Historical Southeast Texas Art Show

More information to come