Get Involved


Volunteers are invaluable at Gladys City. We have various opportunities for people 18 years of age and older who can make a difference by lending a hand. Those responsibilities may include support in the following areas:

Spindletop/Gladys City Volunteer

Docents are needed when tour groups of children and/or adults come to Gladys City. After a period of training, volunteers in this area learn how to give tours as well as lend support to educational and public programs.

Special Events
Much work goes into making Gladys City events successful before, during and after the event. Volunteers assist with event preparations and teardown, and work as greeters, program monitors, registration assistants, surveyors, and runners.

Administrative Services
Volunteers provide valuable assistance by performing clerical tasks, data entry, filing, photocopying, and by preparing for large mailings. Administrative volunteers may also help with grant research and writing.


Volunteers are needed to assist the museum director with organizing, inventorying and cataloguing archival records and collections.  Collections Volunteers also learn techniques and methods for the care and handling of museum objects.

Interested in volunteering? Please email the director at or call (409) 880-1762 for more information. 

Note: Due to a lack of adequate supervising staff, school work teams will not be permitted.


Donate or Loan Objects & Artifacts

Spindletop/Gladys City General Store

Gladys City accepts donations and loans of objects that are appropriate to the time period (1890-1910) and/or geographic region (mainly, Beaumont and Jefferson County) portrayed in the museum's exhibit. If you would like to donate or loan an object to the museum, please contact the director at 409-880-1762. Donations may not be accepted by museum personnel without prior approval from the museum director.