Freshman Residency Requirement

The Board of Regents has established a freshman residency policy for Lamar University students that states: "All undergraduate, full-time students (those enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours) with fewer than 24 earned semester credit hours, are required to reside in a University-operated residence hall."

On-campus housing exemptions may be granted for those who:

  1. Reside with a parent, guardian, or other adult relative in the local area;
  2. Are 21 years of age by the first class day;
  3. Enroll only in evening or distance learning classes;
  4. Are married or have dependent children;
  5. Have a medical exemption signed by a doctor; or
  6. Have earned 24 or more credit hours from an accredited college or university.

Official documentation verifying exemptions to this policy may be required by the Department of Housing and Residence Life, in addition to the Lamar University Off-Campus Residency Request. Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Housing and Residence Life office.