Proposal Submission

Proposal submission


ORSPA has the legal responsibility for the review and submission of all preliminary and final proposals to sponsors.

Lamar University requires the ORSPA staff, including the Associate Provost for Research, Department Chairs, and College Deans to review and endorse the proposal before it will be submitted.

All proposals and supporting documentation are to be submitted in their entirety, at least three full business days prior to the proposal due date for review and approval by the Associate Provost for Research.

Proposals with complex budgets, collaboratives, or sub-awards with other agencies or universities should be submitted at least five full business days prior to the proposal due date for review and approval by the Associate Provost for Research.

Proposals and contracts not vetted through this protocol are subject to declination of any award and are only submitted at the discretion of the Associate Provost for Research.

Proposal Submission Notification

In several instances, multiple submissions may be in process all utilizing the same due date.  Many proposal windows for significant submissions fall within a short time span.  In these cases, all proposals are submitted on a "first come first serve" basis based on the date of notification.  Many faculty reserve their "due date" weeks or months in advance to secure priority placement.  Should the due date be very crowded, faculty often choose an earlier available due date for their submission.

Signatory Permissions

The Lamar University Internal Routing Sheet is required for any proposal submission.  All data must be complete in each category.  If it is a collaborative project, or one with multiple PI/Co-PIs, the credit split should be included accompanied by all PI/Co-PI/Senior Personnel signatures in the applicable area.  All signatures from the Department Chair (s) and Dean(s) must be included prior to signature by the ORSPA PreAward Specialist.  The PreAward Specialist will obtain the Associate Provost of Research's signatory authorization to finalize the documentation process necessary for submission.

All information regarding human subjects review, CITI Training, safety reviews, institutional approval, project space, export control, intellectual property, Conflict of Interest documentation for all PI/Co-PI/Senior Personnel, procurement integrity, and credit splits should be addressed very early so as not to delay or prevent proposal submission. 

ORSPA will not submit proposals lacking all signatory authorizations.  Faculty should be prepared to discuss their project design, budget and applicable match, applicable Human Subject Assurances, Conflict of Interest information and other pertinent information with all signatory authorities.  In case of budget shortfalls or unapproved expenditures, all financial obligations are the responsibility of the Department and/or College as stated in the Internal Routing Sheet and signed by the College Authorized Signatory Representatives.

Proposal Submission

Sponsors list their required method(s) of proposal submission within the funding announcement. ORSPA is responsible for all Lamar University submissions, regardless of submission type. Some sponsors require paper submission (tracked by ORSPA through FedEx, electronic submission through and established portal or through email submission.

Most proposals, internal routing sheets, and supporting documentation are to be submitted in their entirety, at least three business days prior to the proposal due date. If the proposal is a collaborative proposal, involves an international partner, has required cost share/matching funds or requests $300,000 or more in funding the proposal, all support documentation and the internal routing sheet are to be submitted in their entirety at least five business days prior to the proposal due date. This is designed to ensure all regulations and compliance issues are met through the final review. If necessary, the proposal may be modified. If submitted to the ORSPA office past the internal submission date, the Office does not guarantee submission.

In addition, occasionally the electronic submission portals experience technical difficulties, especially federal portals. Faculty wishing to submit proposals early should discuss available due dates with ORSPA PreAward Specialists when they are aware of their intent to submit. Three full business days are still required prior to the new submission date.

The ORSPA office will submit the proposal in accordance with sponsor regulations and retain a file copy for 36 months. ORSPA will obtain confirmation of proposal submission.