Modifying an IRB

Modifying an IRB

Apply for ReviewAre there changes in your previously approved IRB?

If the answer is YES, then an IRB modification needs to be completed.

LU Cayuse makes it easy to modify or renew an IRB!

How to modify or renew an IRB in LU Cayuse

  • Login to LU Cayuse IRB

    LU Cayuse IRB LOGIN

  • Using the dashboard, the Approved Studies section, locate the IRB study needed for modification or renewal and click on the IRB number. This will open the IRB.
  • On the Study Details click the blue box that says New Study located in top right corner. This will open a drop down and select either modification or renewal.
  • Make the changes in the appropriate section(s) or field(s).
  • Attached revised copies of documents. (If you make changes to the survey, changes will also need to be made in Qualtrics.)
  • Save the screen and then click Complete Submission at the bottom of the last page.
  • Click Confirm.
All modifications and renewals must be approved by the IRB before any changes can initiated.